How much fee do I pay to have my broken Phone screen fixed?

With the advancement of phone repair technology, a broken screen doesn’t mean your phone cant resume its initial condition. Phone repair is not only an excellent solution for a damaged phone screen or cracked screen but also a way of saving your money and valuable data stored on your phone. After replacing your phone cracked screen, it resumes its attractive appearance and new. The size of your phone screen determines the cost of your phone screen as well as that of LCD. The repair cost is approximate $29, although it varies from one vendor to another.

Why trust us with your phone?

We offer comprehensive phone repair services of almost all phone brands as well as high-quality phone accessories. For instance, if you have an iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Techno, LG, Infinix, Motorola, among other models, then you need not worry if your phone develops a problem. We offer the highest quality phone repair services, which comes with a one month warranty.

Our professional and highly experienced technical team prides itself as the best phone repair service provider in the mobile telephony industry.

We are celebrating ten years of quality service to our customers and at affordable pricing. It means that we are already accredited and established company to handle your phone issues professionally.

Faster phone repair service and at reasonable prices. We understand how important your phone is to you, and therefore we endure delivering you’re repaired, particularly on the same.

What are some of our specialized phone repair services?

1. Unlocking a locked phone screen as a result of forgetting your pattern or password by our technicians. You will wait for less than an hour as your phone is unlocked.

2. Phone booting repair service. Is your phone turning on and off without your initiation? We can eliminate this problem within less that one day and at an affordable price.

3. Battery replacement Service. Our expert battery fitting services are not only a long-lasting solution for your phone but also accessible. Remember, some phones have a complex battery system that requires specialized replacement for other phone components such as USB port to function correctly.

4. Phone Vibration Motor repair services. A broken buzzer may require replacement in case repair isn’t possible.

5. Charging Port Repair Service. It is one of the most common problems with current phones, mainly due to wrong charging techniques that people adapt, such as not using the recommended chargers or forcing the chargers into the charging port too hard. thus causing wear and tear of the charging port

6. Phone Microphone Replacement / Repair Service. When you can’t communicate effectively, for instance, you cannot hear what the other person is saying or vice versa; then, it is because your phone microphone is damaged or worn out. Our professional technicians ensure you get the best receiver on your phone.

How much should you budget for your iPhone cracked screen repair services?

An expensive phone is an investment that you need to take care of as well as keeping it safe. However, there are situations you get involved in that leave your iPhone components, such as screens cracked. Such damages necessitate your phone repaired by a qualified, professional, and experienced phone repair near me, which can be a great way of ensuring your phone is safely restored to its initial condition and performance.

For instance, we charge relatively lower pricing as well as faster phone repair services as compared to Phone repair services since by offering quality services, we ensure customer loyalty and retention. If you prefer your Phone repaired directly by the manufacturer customer care services, your average repair cost can be approximate $29. but this price can escalate to those not covered by the warranty. Replacing your iPhone cracked screen can cost you less with third-party vendors. For instance, the average phone screen replacement cost nationally is approximate $50.

How much should you budget to fix your phone Home button issues?

Has the home button on your phone stopped working or malfunctioning from time to time? It is the right time to seek professional help before the problem progresses to other switches. Note if the Home button problem has been caused by faulty manufacturing procedure, and your phone has not exceeded the warranty period (usually one year since the date you bought the phone). The repair is free from the manufacturing company customer care services.

However, if, for instance, your pet stepped on the phone causing cracks on the Home button, then you are responsible for the repair. The repair cost will depend on your phone model and whether the manufacturer’s warranty period has been depleted. For instance, a phone repair involving an already expired warranty may cost higher in the manufacturing customer care services than the third-party vendors.

It is essential to understand that you risk voiding some of your phone warranties that were in effect in case of third party repair services. Home button repair is classified under the “other damage ‘repair pricing with a flat repair cost fee of $50. Since your phone screen can easily crack as a result of force impact or falling on the ground, we highly recommended you to use a tempered glass screen protectors as well as sharp shock-absorbing casings that ensures your phone is not only safe but also durable. The price of replacing your phone screen depends on the model of the phone you have and who does the repairing services.

How much does it cost to repair the damaged water phone?

Are you worried that your phone got damaged by water? However, it isn’t minor damage bearing in mind the water-sensitive electronic circuits in your phone; there is still hope. Once your phone is diagnosed, and it is established that once the affected parts are replaced, the phone will resume its normal functions.

You will be sure to save your valuable contact, photos and messages, and other internally stored data. If your phone extended warranty that covers two accidental damages is still active, then your phone repair can be done by the manufacturing company at the specified repair ratings. However, our services will save you money and time since we offer cheaper phone repair services and within 24 hours on working day time.

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