Netgear technology is the latest advancement of the wifi internet. The old routers needed a telephone connection to access the network. Today, the need for cable has disappeared. Now, with a Netgear router, you can get WIFI and take it anywhere in your house without having to look for a phone or cable connection. Besides, these new routers are fast getting any speed you contract with your internet service company. In this article, we will show you how to log into your Netgear router.


1.- The first step we must take is to access the router configuration. To do this, we will connect a computer to the same WIFI network that we are going to use in our new router.

2.- Once you have a WIFI connection, access your usual browser (Microsoft Edge. Google, Mozilla. Safari…) and write the following address: This address is the access portal to the control panel of the administrator of most current routers. However, you should check with your internet service provider, in case they have a different type of access.

3.- Once you are in the administrator’s panel, you will be asked for your username and password. In most routers, both are -admine. As you can see, anyone can access the router from outside, so it would be convenient to change this configuration to avoid WIFI ‘thieves”.

4.- To make sure that this does not happen to us, to introduce a new password in our router, in the control panel we will look for the “Management” tab. Click on it, and another tab will appear that should say “Access Control”. We enter it, we reenter the data provided by default, and then, we will have complete access to configure a custom password.

5.- Another function we can set to customize our router is to change the name of the network. Generally, the name of the model of router, or the configuration of the Internet service company that we have hired, will appear. We return to the administration panel of our router, and we must enter the “Wireless” tab. Once inside, among the options offered, select “Basic’.

6.- Once in ‘Basic”, we will look for “SSID”, which is where the information is recorded with the name of the WIFI network of our router. There we can change it and give it the name we want

7.- Another option offered by the router is to hide the network. It will still be active, but it will not be visible to any device that has not used it previously. To hide the network, we must return to the previous screen, and select the option “Hide Point Access” from the options available, and the network will disappear.

8.- The next option we must choose to have our Netgear router protected before logging in is to change the router’s password. If we decide to make this change, it is advisable to choose a password that is more secure than the one offered by the router, combining letters, numbers, upper and lower case letters, and trying not to make it easy for anyone to guess it. Enter the router’s administrator control panel again, select the “Wireless” tab and enter it.

9.- Once in ‘Wireless”, select the option “Security”. A series of security options will appear on the screen, and we will choose WPA-PSK. That tab allows us to customize a new password.

10.- The last step is to find the channel that offers the highest speed. We now have our secure, Intrusion-proof router. You can find this channel very easily by looking at the channels used by the WIFI networks we have around us and selecting one that does not have too much traffic.

11.- We already have our router ready, configured, customized, protected, and offering us the highest possible speed according to what has been contracted with the internet service company. Therefore, now we will only have to introduce the contract card that has been provided to us and connect the router.

12.- Once the Netgear router is connected, we will have to select our network remembering that we have given it a new name, and enter the new password that we have also previously configured.

The logging procedure is straightforward since it is only necessary to know the network and the password but, if we want to customize our system, as well as give it an extra point of security, following the instructions we have provided in this article, you won’t have any problem.

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