MMO Games Discord Servers

Official Tanki Online server representing player-run subreddit:
We are a fairly new server but our main focus is pokecord. --we do daily giveaways as well as weekly legendary with no minimum requirements. --we enjoy chatting when we're not catching Pokemon. --we accept Pokemon and credit donations to help with giveaways. --we do auctions for Pokemon. --we also do trade's. --we are searching for experienced moderator who can help moderate here, apply once you join. --if you join just be sure to read the rules and follow them.
Fashion Frame Central
Do you take part in the true end-game that is Fashion Frame? Or are you looking for a good place to learn? Whatever your reason, we're the perfect place for you! Fashion Frame is shared every day in Fashion Frame Central! We're a close community that specializes in one thing! Looking fabulous! We offer unique ranks to the best Fashion Frame and Captura masters out there! What sets us apart from other Fashion Frame servers? -Unique ranks you can earn through fashion frame! -A lively, competitive setting, that pushes you to be the best you can be! -Not to mention a fun, helpful group of veteran Fashion Framers who are always willing to offer their help and advice! If you're a Fashion Framer Tenno, you belong with us! Come join Fashion Frame Central Today!
We're a podcast done live on every Sat at 7CST. We discuss RP in MMO's across the board. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We're here to entertain and inform, in that order.
The Salty Artists of Bit Heroes
We are an art server for Bit Heroes. Come join us in our weekly art contests, or spill some salt in the #salt_mines .
Runescape Addicts
Runescape Addicts We are a bunch of Runescape players meeting in one discord ! Come on in and join the family of friendly RS players ! We have 07 GP giveaways EVERY friday & smaller ones inbetween !
Šhý Fortnite
Community Fortnite server looking to host tourneys. In need of a decent player base in terms of community first so make sure to spread the word and tell your friends.
Wholesome Community
Console/PC Master Race & Playstation Home Vets want Playstation Home 2
Just Gamers
New server for gamers with people online 24/7. This is a server for u to socialize with other gamers and make new friends. We take everyone's problems and suggestions into mind so feel free to comment in the help and info channel. games: . Fortnite . Minecraft . Pubg . Roblox . Overwatch . post any other games you play in suggestion . over 11 bots . organised channels . over 50 channels also includes: . memes . jokes . anime
Super Nico 64
Vous jouez a LoL, FF14 ou alors vous cherchez juste un serveur pour vous amuser ? Venez on mord pas ;)
GameToTheGrave [GttG]
Do you play games A LOT? GREAT because I DO TOO! Honestly I'm just looking for LATE NIGHT friends to hang out with. Currently most of my time is dedicated to "Final Fantasy 14", BUT I do play other games. ALSO, the server is kinda of new.. SO HELP ME GROW!
Fashion Decoration
A chill and fun community for Housing and Glamor fanatics! Enter our weekly contests and win amazing prizes from Mogstation!! Connect with fellow designers and enthusiasts.