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Of Monsters and Marvel
Welcome to Of Monsters and Marvel! Set in an alternate universe where the people living in the universe of Marvel can, at random, inexplicably turn into creatures of mythology, we are a canon only RP server which aims to have fun for everyone involved. It's not strictly MCU compliant, nor comic compliant. Each interpretation of the character is up to the writer as a whole, and inspiration can be taken from anywhere. The controversy around the topic of 'non-humans' are to be another ripple of conflict in the world of superheroes, villains, aliens, and more... We have: - Up to 3 canon characters per user! - Literate writing - Creative freedom to tweak the plot and lore of your character to your will
The Marvel Bunch
Hi!! I'm Mycroftlovescake and The Marvel Bunch is looking for new members! On our server you can do many things like taking care of our discord pet snake, joining our blookclub, listening to music or even roleplaying on the private channels! The server is SFW but cursewords and stuff are allowed, we are very laid back and simply don't care about all that stuff a lot. We also have the option to level up and gain roles, they unlock new channels and colours, it's very fancy! Looking forward to meeting you!!
Ready player one rp
It is new and we want to build the server.
Toku Brigade
a toku/Kaiju discord to discuss all things Kaiju, Mecha and everything else that falls within the category.
Pizza Planet
A server for all things Pixar. Discuss the films, partake in fan theories, or submit your art. To Infinity and Beyond!
Star Wars Furrys//RP
This rp plays in an alternative universe from star wars. During the time the sith rises again and want to destroy the jedi forever.
Pandorians! A server to discuss James Cameron's avatar!
Marvel Bunch
Marvel Bunch is merely a server for marvel fans to meet fellow marvel fans! It's still very new and a little rusty, but we're determined to grow tremendously. Here we give you the opportunity to: - Share art. - Discuss fanfictions/AUs or even share your own. - Share your favorite memes. - Meet people who love marvel just as much as you. - Share your OCs. And so much more! Feel free to speak to anyone or even apply for a staff position when we make them available.
Hispan Netflix & Chill ✨
This a mexican server designated to people that just want to talk about series or movies, even videogames, music, etc. Any topic is welcome here, incluiding K-pop since many members are fond of it. We do Karaoke nights or nights too with Disney, Ghibli or horror movies <3