Strategy Games Discord Servers

Hidden Leaf
Clash of Clans Community for the Hidden Leaf clan. If you'd like to join us, apply through our Discord & read the Grand Warden's dm. See you! :)
tokyo ghoul re birth/invoke
Welcome to the Tokyo ghoul re chat. Here you can talk about the game and about either the manga or anime (whichever you prefer) also you can talk about other gacha games in the future.
💎 ⚔ • [PindaNetwork MC] • ⚔ 💎 [{ De meest unieke gamemodes van Nederland }] 💸 • [GIGANTISCHE GIVEAWAY BIJ 300 MAN!] • 💸 [{ Voor meer informatie moet je de Discord server joinen.}] ⚒ • [DE EERSTE DIE 50 MAN INVITE KRIJGT 2 FULL ACCES MC ACCOUNTS!] • ⚒ [{ Alles erop en eraan, geen privacy vragen, gewoon 2 normale minecraft accounts voor jou! }] 💎 • [PindaNetwork is de ULTIEME en UNIEKE manier om Minecraft te spelen!] • 💎 [{ Kom het zelf maar bekijken in de server }] ⚡ • [GLOEDNIEUWE & VOLLEDIG AANGEPASTE FUNCTIES!] • ⚡ [{ De NIEUWE en VERBETERDE versie van PindaNetwork komt eraan, en beter dan OOIT! }] 🔹 Custom Kingdom Map 🔹 Custom Cosmetics (Nog nooit eerder gezien) 🔹 Custom SkyBlock 🔹 Gebruiksvriendelijk scoreboard 🔹 De leukste donator functies (Als je een rank hebt) 🔹 Iedere keer een leukere ervaring. 🔹 GloedNieuwe Space Gamemode (In onderhoud) 🔹 De Beste Invite Rewards (Check ze zelf uit in de server) 🎊 IP: Play.PindaNetwork.NL 🛒 STORE: PindaNetwork.BuyCraft.Net ⚔ DISCORD:
New server for anyone who plays PUBG MOBILE that would like to meet and chat with other players.
[FEH] Łady Clair Society
The Łady Clair Society is a thriving, progressive server that aims to bring together passionate Fire Emblem Heroes players. Although however we don't aim for a very big community, we are trying instead to create a welded group. The server is based on a specific character of the series, but our discussion are not often focused on this one, we just use this as a theme. Well all love Clair but you are allowed to have a other Waifu ! - You are Welcome ! -
Melee Time
Just a small community of competitive melee players. You can join to find people to netplay or watch tournaments with, or just have general conversation.
1920s World Roleplay
This is a new roleplay/strategy war Discord server, where players lead the country of their choice or be a rebel partisan group that strives to take over land, forge alliances, and become the best nation (or partisan) there is. The game has not yet started/been released, but there is a lobby which people can chat in and wait for the release of the game. People who join now will get an extra $200 in-game!
Europa latina
A European world, in this world you create your history you create your future you decide your decisions. You will face harsh economic times, Harsh war times. And you will also experience strong alliances and pacts, you will fight arm to arm with your foes and will be with your allies side. Colonize Africa or be stop the conquest of Africa! Join and create your own nation! from the HRE To the Russian Empire! Join now!
Tenpa paradox hosting
Welcome to Tenpa! Tenpa is a discord server for everyone who is interested in paradox games(but we are looking to expand to other categories too!). We have friendly staff and games which are to be hosted every week. We have hosted: Vic2 games, HOI4 games, EU4 games, CK2 games and Minecraft on one occasion. We have few rules which are only meant to create a friendly environment on the server. If you need to talk politics there is politics chat, there is also a spam and a meme chat for all your spamming and memeing needs. Welcome!