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A Pokecord Place

gem: **__Welcome to A Random Place__** :Dog_Wave: :ablobwave: Here's SanicLOL1231#4169's ~~shitty~~ Awesome Server! WE ARE: :Hyper_desk_tap: :Hyper_desk_tap: :Hyper_desk_tap: :Hyper_desk_tap: :Hyper_desk_tap: ~~Gay Shit!~~ **A RANDOM PLACE** (Arp) :Sad_Pat: **I know you guys need 1 thing in life rn... you need a good discord server** `Well todays your lucky day! Join A Random Place (A random server focusing on Games, Pokécord, Pokéverse, Anime, and many other stuff!` **__Server Info__** **-> Active Server -> Good and Trusted Staff -> Fully Built Server -> Fun Bots to Play With -> Partnering Places ->Gyms + More!** **__ What We Have __** :video_game: **Gaming** :video_game: - Over here we play many games that you may like! :ANIME: **Anime** :ANIME: - In this server we have many weebs and we love anime! :Deku_Hype: **Amazing Emojis** :Deku_Hype: - We have all sorts of amazing emojis that you might like to use if you have nitro! :JS: **Scripting** :JS: - Sanic and narutoboi can help you with discord bot scripting! :gem: **Fun Bots** :gem: - We have plenty of fun bots that you can play with! :Hyper_TADA: **Giveaways** :Hyper_TADA: - Here we do many giveaways! :musical_note: **MUSIC** :musical_note: - We have many musical bots for you guys to listen to! :heavy_plus_sign: **+ MORE** :heavy_plus_sign: - We have much more waiting for you just join today!!! FYI. WE ARE OVER 9000!!! **@everyone JOIN US TODAY AT** P.S. Shhhh We are actually ₗₑₛₛ ₜₕₑₙ ₉₀₀₀ .

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we do dumb shit...
Say whats ever in your mind in our special chats and voice chats :D