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D is for Discord

Come play League with us.

D is for Discord Discord Server Reviews

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We are a discord server focused on the MOBA game League of Legends!
Trojan Virus
We are a gaming server, preferably League of Legends. Looking for casual, fun, competitive players.
a place where we can all play together.
Sip Some Tea~
A close community discord channel with emphasis on respecting each other and having a good time. Mostly a league of legends server but other people are welcome!
(LoL) Looking for Game
Join if you are looking for people to play normal games or duo queue. -Supported servers are EUW, NA, EUNE, and OCE. -Self-assignable Ranks, Roles and Server roles. -Post your best plays -Ask for advice on champions/roles/items
Games Anonymous
Hey everyone! We’re a small server looking for friendly people to join and play games with. Along with this, we are constantly looking for others to work together to gain followings on Twitch! Come on in and say hi!
Cub Club
New League of Legends community focused on custom in-houses and having fun! (NA only btw) What we have: Pokecord Tatsumaki Baron What we are planning: Better leveled roles system League in-houses
Dank Server (HH-chan best chan)
The server is for gamers of all kind PS,Pc and even xbox no matter the console and the games you like youre welcome :) come play with us lets all have fun and make friends. And of course there is nsfw for the baddies out there
memes, griefing, flaming, spamming, yelling, autism, @everyone, nsfw, sick stuff, if u belong in any of these categories u should probs join lel NO NORMIES OR WEEBS THANKYOU
Drop Zone
For fun and games and movie time Purley just enjoy yourself and don't be toxic make a family here
заходи в канал
Heroes of the Storm играть в команде, Starcraft 2 играем со знакомыми в режимах, 2x2, 3x3, 1x1 (между собой), Игротека, Co-op. Для поиска напарника заходите голосовой чат. Тематические боты.