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Marvel into the Multiverse RP

Hey Welcome lemme tell you some stuff about this server This server progresses through years. (Different to the movies and comics) Ultron had a few more teammates they were so powerful The Avengers had to call upon some of their friends (Vision, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver) as they won the battle Tony started to have visions of the Infinity Gauntlet distracting him from the battle Quicksilver had died trying to save Tony. Tony snapped out of it and saw what happened, he called upon another person (Iron Fist) he had came and helped them taking care of the underpowered bots, Ultron had stole on of Iron Man's suits and Iron Man had to call upon his work in progress suit. It worked but after that all of the multiverses had collided there being multiple spidermen, there was also more Iron Man. It was now a fair fight and they had won the battle, eventually they all split apart and only Miles Morales stayed seeing as he needed guidance from Spiderman and he gave it to him. They fight Side by Side now and they defend New York hoping one day they'd see all of the Spidermen again. The Avengers had split apart having being rivals after Ultron and they said who'd be the better heroes, Miles and Peter had to get involved and so this is where Civil War starts.

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