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Welcome to MegaTen! We are mainly focused around Persona, but have many other MegaTen games as well! We are open, and have a friendly staff. Please join us and talk about your favorite MegaTen games. <3

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Wings of Fire: Talons of Power
Welcome to the continents of Pyrrhia and Pantala, young dragonet! The seven tribes of Pyrrhia are at war - the three SandWing sisters are dueling over the SandWing throne. The IceWings and most of the SandWings are fighting on one side, the MudWings and SkyWings on another, and the SeaWings on the third. The RainWings and NightWings are taking no part in the conflict. Which side will you join? Will you crown a new queen of the SandWings, or become queen yourself? It's up to you! Pantala, on the other talon, is home to three tribes. The HiveWings and SilkWings are ruled by one queen, while the LeafWings are ruled by another. The legendary Tree Wars are raging across Pantala, a desperate fight to keep the LeafWings from being destroyed forever by the HiveWings. Which side will you be on? Will you fight for Queen Whitefly and exterminate the LeafWings? Or will you fight for the LeafWings and overthrow the HiveWings? Or will you be a part of an underground group of SilkWings just trying to minimize the damage? It's your choice! ---- We have... - Chatroom and music channels! - 80 roleplay channels for you to have fun in! - Easy-to-follow rules and lore! - One admin that's active almost 12/7! - A cool and almost-unique role system! - Opportunities for YOU to be queen or king of an entire tribe! - Opportunities for YOU to be a prophecy dragonet! - Weekly tribe updates so you always know what's going on! - Maps, links, and a questions channel so you don't ever get confused! Come join us! We'd love to have you!
Attack on Titan
Hello, welcome to my AOT server. I hope you enjoy it.
The Boarding House
Hello! Welcome to The Boarding House! Im Sienna, the server owner. My co-owner is .Illusion. We'd love for you to come check us out! So, here is a brief overview of The Boarding House. The boarding house has been around for almost 99 years located in Montana, it being passed down from generation to generation. Now in the year 2018 it has reached its 100 year mark. The boarding house was made way back when supernatural were hunted but over the years humans had forgotten their supernatural neighbors. We offer many classes to choose from: - Witch - Werewolf - Vampire - Shifter - Humans - Ghosts - And last but not least hybrids! We will be adding more as we go, if you have any suggestions id love to hear them! We’d love for you to join our ever growing family, we offer friendship, family and maybe even a romance! So we’d like to welcome you to The Boarding House
Kingdom Hearts 3: Binary Eclipse (RP)
This is a dedicated rp server for Kingdom Hearts. The story will be set immediately after KH3, and will start a month after its release. We are a fun loving bunch so don't be shy and come do some roleplayz.
Mass Effect Trilogy
The mass effect trilogy all done in one server. Oc's are welcome and there are plenty of canon characters. We welcome all oc's and species so feel free to use your own characters! We are welcoming of everyone and anyone, so don't feel nervous!
In the city of Chesterfield, nothing is as it was. After the spirits merged with our dimension, and made themselves a prominent fact of life, the world's population dropped drastically. Now, the city has split into four houses, all promising truth, all having different means of achieving it. - Cryptic RP set in the year 2045! - Different houses to choose from! - Inspired by Wiccan magic! - And much more!
Stage4000 is a community that is releasing a new PVP hacking game in June 2019! Join us in our game development endeavor.
Camp Half-Blood RP
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! We are an upcoming and brand new roleplay based on the lore by Rick Riordan, creator of Percy Jackson. We currently offer: - Helpful, guiding staff - 19 Gods/Goddesses - Multiple storyline options - Understandable, non-confusing lore - Database for lore to help new roleplayers - Easy character creation - Helpful, guiding staff "It started in 2015. The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus were slowly losing their powers. With the fate of the deities lying in Dionysus' hands, it was up to the God of Wine to open Camp Half-Blood and save the demigods and precious magics of Olympus. Using the last of his magic, Dionysus sent out the final message: Come to the camp with broken gates, and find your true power."
Fate Manor (BETA) 1.3
You've been invited to Fate Manor A place where unique individuals gather to socialize and test their abilities, a magical nexus for traveling across dimensions, and a home to those outcast by society. However, it is not necessarily a safe place, as the halls of the manor have been divided into factions, each wing governed by a different Team Leader. These teams are constantly competing with each other; be it directly through combat, or indirectly through their feats and accomplishments. On the surface, it is all in good sport, but beneath those layers lies something far more sinister. As the forces of darkness grow stronger in secret, so must we all in order to preserve this world, and all others.
Welcome to PokeSpace We are a great Pokemon server!! We offer many things so make sure to stick around Examples x Pokecord x Pokespace x Giveaways x Daycare Services x Dank Memes x Gyms and so much more!!! We have an amazing community full of Pokemon fans and an amazing stuff team that is here to help if you have problems.
Fallout RP: NCR
(Beta - Serious RP) An entirely new, and rebooted Serious Roleplay Server based upon custom lore built upon the original, within the Fallout New Vegas universe. Join us as we stress-test entirely new ideas, and scenarios for the player to involve his or herself within. Our community prides itself on quality, detailed Roleplay.
Transformers: War of Generations
This RP takes place during the War of Cybertron. Will you join the noble Autobots? or the tyrannical Decepticons? Join and Choose your side of this War.