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Sinners Kinkdom (18+)

.•°¤*(¯`★´¯)*¤° **Sinners Kinkdom**°¤*(¯´★`¯)*¤°•. You’re invited, to join Sinners Kinkdom! Our server has many cool features, hentai chats, lewd channels (self & and none). Friendly moderation team, our server is very small but we hope to grow and thrive and gain more members. I am a very determined girl! You can talk about anything and everything! We are generally laid back and allow chats about everything! Ie. Manga, Anime, KPop, DDLG, BDSM. A disclaimer: This server is mostly based on BDSM, CGL, & ABDL, petplay and more! *•.¸♡ **Cool Features**♡¸.•* ~ Plenty of nudes channels! 18+ ~ Age Verified Roles ~ Self Assignable Roles ~ Levelling System ~ Roleplaying Channels ~ Lots of Voice Channels ~ Semi Active Chat ~ Events (Rabbit Movies etc) ~ Selfie Channels! ~ Nice Staff! ~ Cute coloured roles! *•.¸♡ Partner! ♡¸.•* DM a owner, ( emperor or empress ) or moderator (royal gaurd) to become partnered with our server! *•.¸♡ Platforms! ♡¸.•* Be sure to let me know which platform you found our server on. (I promote it on many and wanna know which one is the most effective!)

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Are you depressed, have anxiety, or another mental illness? Well, if you said yes to the first question, I have news! Our server will welcome you with open arms. We are fairly new, (Born November 24, 2018) So we will be accommodating any and all of our members needs. If you are ready to recover, we have that covered too! Self assignable roles are available as well, so please, stop by!