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The Duck Pond

It's a chill server. You can chat and meet new people here. You can join the roleplay if you want. You can have all sorts of powers or live a normal life. It's up to you.

The Duck Pond Discord Server Reviews

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DELETED AT 1.5k!!! Forbidden Dungeon - Community Server [15+] ┏╋━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤━━━━━╋┓ Fun, Non Toxic community with so much to offer! Self assigned roles - Just head to the roles channel! LGBT+ Friendly :) Meet new people - just join the active chats! Non Toxic Members ┗╋━━━━━◢◤◆◥◣━━━━━╋┛
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~ If you're looking for friends or just want people to talk to, then come join us and help the community grow! ~ We are very active, and do not judge what so ever! ~ Once you join, you get a free cookie <3
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Friendly server looking for new faces to make friends with everyone is welcome even furrys there is no shame in who you are or what you like :D
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So, this is a server focussing on positivity and kindness! if you feel lonely, down, or just want some new friends, this is the server for you the server is small currently, but hopefully it will be filled with active members soon!
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This server is a places for anyone to join the bear fam and come talk and hang out with our wonderful people and workers! We do giveaways, have self roles, and can’t wait to see you here!