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I just started this server, so don't mind my autism. For anyone who wants to have some fun!

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The Break Room
A server dedicated to spilling tea about work. If youre coworker pissed you off, or your manager is being extremely unfair, or even if you have some awesome stories to share, come join! This is a community for those in the work field to come chat. Those unemployed are welcome too. We also have dedicated channels for anime, gaming, and different kinds of media, as well as a restricted and unrestricted chatroom! Come join!
Slonche Paradise
Yo! This is a new server that's trying to grow into a community for both gaming and music. Some stuff is still in development, but it's still very welcoming. We have NSFW (18+) channels, lots of bots for entertainment, many channels, good staff, color roles, emojis and etc. We're looking for members to get this place more packed and to also help us out when needed.
Pokemon Sky Frontier
Welcome to Pokémon Sky Frontier! A safe and friendly community that focuses on Pokécord! We have: ►Active and friendly staff ►A lot of great giveaways ►Many fun events with HUGE rewards (with up to 5 events a day!) ►Gyms to test your skills ►And Much More! ►We giveaway up to 50k credits in a single day! We hope You Enjoy It Here At Pokémon Sky Frontier, And Good Luck!
Nano Corp
700 Members And Growing! Partnerships Self Promo Birthday List NSFW Channels Level System Memes Starboard/Server Quotes Art Bots Lots of channels! Lots Of Emotes Self Assignable Roles Esports Division Weekly Events! Come join and check us out!
pls join we're active and lonely sjkdjsj
Bray and the Snowhoes
Bray and the Saltgays is a community based server owned by Bray (owner of cartoon clip channel Saltgay). Featuring channels for a variety of popular fandoms (Steven Universe, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Voltron, etc.) | strongly LGBTQ+ friendly | active nice staff | games | competitions | formerly Discord in a Bikini | New Server, old one deleted
𝓱 𝓮 𝓪 𝓿 𝓮 𝓷
A low moderation server with chill vibes. We have some of the cutest emotes! A friendly and welcoming community with active staff. 2:1 female/male ratio.
Guild Roleplay
This is a mainly semi-lit roleplay based around guilds. And, for those who may come in and ask, no, we do not accept any other guilds other than the ones already existing in the roleplay. We have: - Various OOC channels - RP channels that are unique to each island And much more. I hope you can enjoy your stay here! Plot synopsis: Long ago, a large explosion seemed to separate three large chunks of land from the mainland. They all floated up into the sky after being 'infected' with large amounts of magical and powerful energy. People had to adapt to this change, and they did. As time progressed, they began to build up their communities, as well as build and develop something else... guilds. Each and every guild had its own special purpose, whether it be good or bad, and each one thrived in their own ways.
Indonesia Bersatu 🇮🇩
server clan dalam mobile games last day on earth (ldoe)
tempat melarikan diri dari kehidupan nyata (under developement, tapi silakan berkunjung buat lihat2)
LBI is a gaming group that is hoping to become at the top one day. For now we decided to try and get known in discord so we are hoping to get more people to notice and follow us. We include a masive amount of bots that are willing to do what ever you want.