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••••• darling ••••• Eh, who really reads these? Oh you are, HI THERE! We've been waiting. Don't believe us, well come join and see. If your looking for somewhere to chill, and act like a weirdo. This is the place for you. 飲む/軽食を忘れることはありません。
We have members of ages of 13-18 any age is allowed. We will protect you and make sure you are safe of any catfishing, trolls, etc. If you wanna find some friends you can hang with its all good fun to have in this community, You can also talk with friends while playing games. All genders accepted either that be Male, Female, Trans Male, Trans Female,
Hey, this is a server I made and I want it includes the following --> Friendly Owner and Admins --> Dating --> The chance to meet strangers --> Just a place to Chill if ya want --> This server does not tolerate bullying so you can be safe while you are here :) --> The chance to find "The One" ;) As I said, This server is new and i would like it if we could grow and become bigger.
Hello! Welcome to F A T E ! Here We Have Dating,NSFW, And Much More! What we have to offer, 24/7 Moderation, And A Little Bit Of rping if you like that
This is a new server where I, Jirachi wants everyone to be happy! We have self-roles, music bots and lots of more. I am not the best at writing descriptions but I hope this will do and I really, really hope you'll join and have fun with us!
Hey you, yes you, would you like to join a server that is fun, intresting and exciting? Well you're in luck, because True Love Never Ends is a discord where you can find you friends and you might even find someone special along the way. So come on down and give us a visit and I promise you will enjoy your stay in this discord server that we have created!
New upcoming dating server (We mess around a lot so you can find someone to be friends with, more than, friends with benefits, all of the above!) The owner of this discord (Who is typing this)
13-18 dating server join and meet someone and have a good time here
To Talk and chat about anything but most of all make new friends or relatonships.
True Lovers a paradise for people to speak to others about games, anime, music, and plenty more. People with many interests may join and talk about what their passion is. There are rules and there is no NSFW channel. Follow the rules in the #rules channel.