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We're a tight community who are just like IRL friends hanging out together around a campfire! -Great Staff -Self-assignable colors -Great banter -RICE
Zapr...Spierdalać, dokładnie, serwer z bezpośrednim przekazem, jeżeli chcesz używać emotki "jebanie" możesz jej używać bez problemu przez "!jebanie". Witamy świrów i bezwględnych okrutników. PS: wypierdoliliśmy kadrę która chciała tu napisać regulamin.
a party hang out for literally anyone who wants to join from all over the internet
Home to the one and only true faith, Jennism welcomes all from all walks of life. If you're only looking for friends, or to abour memetic magic, you've come to the right.
I wanted to create a server that is almost like a modern day "old /b/", where people could talk about and post what they want as long as it is in accordance with US laws, Discord guidelines, and isn't hindering the experience of others tremendously. This server is very unique, with staff that invest their time tremendously into it. We host a variety of server events and community involved ideas. So join us and try out the most retarded server on discord. Also don't forget: The ride never ends.
The ROM Empire, a once powerful empire, now to be again! The ROM Empire is a nice community consisting of Games, Coding and Creativity. We have many things including, our own 4chan, game servers, and much more!
This server is dedicated first and foremost, to lolis. Let's share and discuss your favorite loli sized characters! Now accommodating 400+ members!
A server for comfy shitposting, memes, casual chat, nsfw or anything else you like! We've got a ton of bots to have fun with and some really neat people!
Official 4chan /Fit/ness, for all lifting enthusiasts. Workouts, share delicious foods, advice and share your glorious gains.
ayy this poopman this my server we chill hit my dm thanks big up
The SS Police force is looking for new members to bring the new (and dead) server to life. Shitposters are welcome to try to rise through the ranks and become King/Queen of Shitposting and others to Vice Chief. Please answer the short questionnaire in the main office and wait for roles in the waiting room.