Abdl Discord Servers

Welcome to Sugar Sweet CGL! Here we have a variety of channels and loads of fun in store! 🍩 18+ channels 🍩 Easy use of roles 🍩 A matchmaking Chat 🍩 Events and Movie Nights 🍩 Questions of The Day 🍩 Engaging Staff 🍩 Many channels And more... Come and join the fun! We'll be waiting!
13+ TBDL/ABDL Advice Server
This server is for those 18+ located in Canada who are into the abdl scene. We are a small but mighty group of people. Come check us out!
This is a server for all ABDL's to talk and have fun, we are a small community however we have a caring admin team and active users.
This server connects to abdl.world site and allows for talk among adult babies and diaper lovers. 18+ NSFW
This server is meant for abdl/tbdl's to be able to interact with non-abdl/tbdl's, and for talking about stuff related to it... so people can get to know us (abdl/tbdl's) better, and hopefully, help the world to know we exist & are slowly growing in population... This is NOT an RP server... but if y'all want, I can add a channel... in fact, any feedback & suggestions will be taken into consideration, and I will listen... can't always guarantee anything though...
for now, we post a daily worksheet for lils, will do more soon!
a fun server to meet other littles/doms!
18+ NSFW and SFW This is a Safe Place, with SFW and optional NSFW Channels. While we focus on DDLG, ABDL, and Pet Play we welcome all kinks so drop in and check it out! We have weekly movie nights and game nights, with gaming and roleplay channels.
Anyone that that is a abdl or a tbdl can join
Peach✦Box is an 18+ CG/L and DD/LG related server that is welcoming and caring! We celebrate birthdays, have a little space provided, plenty of NSFW rooms (accessible by a role) and so much more! Head over to Peach✦Box and help it grow!
Glitter Camp is a cg/l and bdsm community. Our server was created as a safe space for people to express their interests in the community and for newer people of the community to learn safely. We have weekly events, Fridays we alternate between movie and game nights and on Saturdays we have story nights where people volunteer to read story books. Glitter Camp has a well involved and a very active staff as well as regular promotions. Our server is 16+ but we are also in the midst of having a sister server that is 18+. Any and all are welcome, so come sit around the campfire at Glitter Camp ^-^ https://discord.gg/9B4RW2G