Accepting Discord Servers

13+ | LGBTQ+ | GAMING | EVENTS | GIVEAWAYS | TOURNAMENTS | ProudGamers. The LGBTQ+ Gaming Server. Join. Be who you are. Be Proud
Welcome to blanket squad! We are a friendly community-based server with channels for games such as rocket league, osu and any others if you suggest them! We accept anyone and everyone so join today and make some great friends and unforgettable memories :O
All gamers are welcome. You dont have to play 30 games to be a gamer. You are a gamer even if you play one game that you enjoy. Come join our family.
Welcome to LGBTQ+ Chat! This chat is open to people of any age, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, etc!
Furocity is mainly focused on furries but is also open to non-furries as well. Come here if you like having fun, or just want some acceptance.
A loving community which needs mods, greeters, recruiters, and listeners to help others! Gaming is a huge topic, and we have a bunch of bots! Full LGBTQ+ support! 13+! Growing everyday :))
Do you like treasure planet and Titan ae ? Well then this is the chat for you we are just getting started but I want to bring treasure planet roleplaying out more !!! So with that being said have fun and enjoy !!
We are a mental health server dedicated to helping people struggling with depression anxiety and so on and so forth we are lgbtq plus friendly we have something for everyone and I hope you come check us out
It's dying pls save it. We're friends, and we accept everyone, so don't be shy! We also take suggestions, so if you want any channels, we'll take your ideas into consideration! Go to the rules when you join. And like I said, it's dying, and we need help reviving it, so active members would be appreciated!
The Sharky Clan is a clan of people that all either have Sharky in their Discord Username or they have a nickname with Sharky in it on the server. The Sharky Clan is also a server I have created so that way people can hang out. If you have any questions, Direct Message me, Demon Sharky#8128
This is place is for all of those who are LGBTQ+ or supportive of the community.
Looking To Talk is a server that is accepting to everyone. No matter gender, age, sexuality etc. We are a family friendly community looking to grow.We have friendly, experienced staff.