Adopt Discord Servers

This server is primarily aimed toward helping furry artists, adopt makers and writer/authors to promote their material and hopefully to help them make some sales! We even have a channel for non-furry stuff to be advertised if that is your thing as well. As long as it is creative and artistic. We are also a very sweet, kind community with no rude people or drama. Yep. You heard me right. You must be wondering; why is the server named such? Well, you see. That is an inside joke... and also a cult around here. Read the rules to learn how to join the cult. Have a great time! <3
Small Cottage is a sweet, accepting and loveable server! We love Art, adopts and literature! Everyone is welcome!
Hello, looking for a place to sell your adoptables? Well you've come to the right place. We are a casual adopt shop looking for new adopt makers or adoptable buyers to join our friendly community. We'd love it if you join us. We are still currently working on the server so please do not go around pointing things out. (Unless we ask.) A few things we offer. Music channels for working on adopts! Scary stories for working on adopts! Two music boys Lots and lots of adopts that need a good home Monthly challenges! Help and Guidance with adopts, And finally a welcoming community. Come join us!