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-━─┉┈◈◉◈┈┉─━- ✦ Welcome to New Terra, Traveler! ✦ Many millennia ago, There waged a war between the Aegeilis and the Daeveilis that left the earth marred and deformed. The land was not without it's beauty, however. A small handful of the two warring species came into union with each other and thus the Imperfects were created and from them: the races that walk the realms of New Terra today. Will you aid the Karr Warlord Tarogore in his quest? Will you join or even start a rebellion of your own against him? Perhaps you might consider being a neutral party! -━─┉┈◈◉◈┈┉─━- ✦ An active member base! ✦ Choose from 50+ races and magics! ✦ Choose from a variety of mounts, languages, factions, and religions! ✦ Explore a vast number of countries and regions within the New Terran continent! ✦ Various rare tomes to be found around the world! ✦ Enjoy a general rp while you wait! ✦ Music and meme channels! ✦ Fun and mature staff! -━─┉┈◈◉◈┈┉─━- We are a newly opened roleplay server and are still building extra bonus materials such as quests and a main story plot (See above 'Tarogore') and would love to hear how our community would like to see us grow! Keep in mind that this is a somewhat mature community involved in an action roleplay. While there is no NSFW content in terms of pornography, there is a likelihood of encountering blood and gore described in text while in roleplay. -━─┉┈◈◉◈┈┉─━-
Here we support a few websites and we keep those up, we are there to have fun while thanking those websites for the fun, we also play pokemon 24/7
Hello comrade! I see you are new to the zone, well I’m here to wish you luck Join if you are a fan of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series or maybe you just like action and adventure rps. We have a great staff team that will respond quickly to your concerns and questions
Wesmonia, the land of the 4 kingdoms The four kingdoms of Abersywnth, AV HÅNDVERKERE, Luxilia, and Wilfenstaag are the ones who watch over the continent. These four welcome all species of being, be it human, elves, beastfolk, all are welcome. They hold peace for everyone's sake, but with the rise of a mercenary faction and tensions rising, no one knows when one person may decide to tip the scale. Come join us and see where your story goes in this vast land we've created for you to explore! -Here we treat people like family and new people are always welcome to join it!
Welcome on Nikellas Community Server the Official Discord Server of the well-know website who manage Communities like Greek CSGO Community, Greek Elder Scrolls, and more
Deutscher Discord wird sind noch nicht viele aber, wenn "DU" uns besuchst werden wir einer mehr. So lange du die Grundregeln des Benehmens bescherscht, ist für uns alles in Ordnung.
This is for the pokemon fans out there
This is a great RP server full of fun people and ideas! It's based off a book called "The Ones Who Walked Away From Omelas". Join and have fun in out welcoming community! ^^
There's many different worlds to explore in the Multiverse. Stories to tell. Adventures to be had. Where will you start?
Hello! this is my roleplay server! we have ton of things to do... we have a jungle roleplay, a school roleplay, space, nsfw, you name it! we have over 50 texting channels organized for your roleplaying needs.. and bots and staff to make it better! we have leveling and welcoming messages to get you started! so what are you waiting for?
Hello welcome to forzean gaming community! We hope you enjoy your stay before you HOP in read rules
A Place to let out Your lord of the rings heart and fandom into this rp server! make Your character and explore With other kind People! fight against dragons, Battles or just og into the wilderness!