Alice In Wonderland Discord Servers

🌹🐇 Welcome to Wonderland!! 🐇🌹 In this server we have: 💖 Non-toxic community and semi-strict moderation! 💖 Several channels, including 18+ NSFW! 💖 Karaoke channel! 💖 Our own economy! 💖 Optional pings, we will rarely use @everyone! Everybody is welcome here (as long as you're 13+)!! Come on down the rabbit hole!
153 years after a mysterious trouble maker named "Alice" came to Wonderland to lead a failed revolution against the house of cards, the doors to Wonderland have been opened again. It is unknown who has opened the gates but people like the Alice of legend have begun to appear over Wonderland, as confused as the Wonderland inhabitants as to how they got there. These new comers have two names, one name is a derogatory phrase used by those who support the Queen they refer to the newcomers as "The Oysters" whereas the ones who support revolution, the ones who believe that Alice will return call them "The Alices." Wonderland has been fighting a war for the past century and a half with neither side ever gaining the upper-hand, perhaps with the newcomers help they will be able to turn the tide and quench the radicals who dare to question the queens authority, or perhaps they will rise up against The House of Cards tyranny and stop the false leaders before they kill every free Wonderland inhabitant left. This is the world now, make your choice, choose your side... Fight in this mad, mad world, and come... Into Wonderland
A rp server based on a twisted, darker version of Alice in Wonderland with friendly people and awesome writers who'd love to see your original character come to life and join theirs to create a bit of mischief! Chilled, laid back, we love writing and meeting new people. Come unwind with us, enjoy some twisted plot, and relax! A creature has awoken, dark, twisted and evil, the very essence of chaos itself. Will your character be able to defend theirselves against this untameable beast? (custom character roles and colors included)