Anarchy Discord Servers

We are a welcoming server where you can do anything, unless you piss off a mod. Anarchy, memes, nsfw, gaming, all you can think of.
Hey comrades, have you ever felt like you have been shut down for being who you are on someone's server, when all you were trying to do was have a little fun? Have you ever wanted a place where you can be who you are without consequences, and do whatever you please, while also making friends? Where you have a say in how the server functions, looks and feels? WELL MY FRIEND, think and say no more, just click! Here, no-one will touch you inappropriately... as long as you don't look touchable. Our server has multiple goodies to be had, - A rudimentary form of government where you too can become the grand ruler of the server and force the people to do whatever you want. - People pretending to be in "The Office" (Except its Canadian) - People dedicated to the growth of the server - People willing to take in new members and treat them with respect - Multiple bots, of which you can add your own, we don't really mind -The ability to add pretty much anything else you want to the server, whether it be more rooms with certain permissions, emoticons and other random stuff you can do on a server
Welcome to the Anarchist Hub! This is a server dedicated to providing an online space for discussion of anarchist ideas My overall goal of this project is to have the community organised horizontally, with server decisions made by the members. This means that all trusted members have moderator powers.
This server is a pure anarchy server. In this server, there are absolutely NO rules to be followed, and everyone has admin rights. Enjoy your pure freedom!
Hey! Join THIS Discord Server! Why? Because we're cool! And you don't want to miss your chance of being cool do you? We talk about a bunch of stuff Games (all of em) Anime (W E E B S) Memes (The dankest ironical memes ever) So you should definitely join Don't wanna join? Well, you just lost the game
a server, mostly for the posting of memes.
In this server, you are ADMIN, like all other users. (well, some permissions are not granted, but most are!). We have very few rules. Feel free to spam. You can Create Channels. Anything is done in here, and you can enjoy spamming the lobby, or even deleting all the channels! This is the true, free admin anarchy server. With most permissions granted, its epic! Wanna get free admin? JOIN NOW!
-This server is for testing a form of 'anarchy'. In this case anarchy means no government. The goal of this server is to make everyone as equal as possible without a government. How it works: -People vote on any matter related to the server, including but not limited to: --Rules --Punishments --Channels -The people also pick people they trust to become police. --The police are trusted with enforcing rules and punishing people that break them. -This server could almost reflect how it would work in real life. --It doesn't because the worst that can happen on this server is a ban from the server. The worst that can happen in real life is a ban from being alive. ---Because of this, people are more likely to break the rules, or vote for rules to create a more toxic community, which brings me to the last point, - The goal of this server is to see how long we can go without making the server a bad place to be
Hey there! This is furfag central, a furry server which supports free speech and is filled to the brim with memes! We have a selection of various channels, from general talk, meme-dumps, roleplay, and even NSFW! (You'll have to solve an equation for it though.) We also have something that could prove useful to those who want to look at Patreon-locked art! It's in one of the NSFW channels if you want to take a peek. When you join, we'll have to approve you. Approval takes quite a few minutes, but don't worry about the wait. We will be sure to approve you in less than a day.