Animals Discord Servers

Hewwo! Welcome to the Taijitu Kingdoms! We're a small yet open server with an in-depth role-play and a chill community. • Medieval fantasy with a twist • Nice sensible lore • Unlimited race options • Friendly staff • Two big kingdoms with complex relations • Always improving • and much more! What are ya waiting for come and join today!!
🐱 Meowwwww 🐱 Join the Kitty Cat Condo! This Community is for streaming on twitch but we decided to switch things up a little and add a category to the server well... For animals and mostly cats!!! So please join the Kitty Cat Condo We have: Fun bots 🤖 Friendly Community😄 Funny quotes 🤣 Awesome Roles ⚔️ Music all day 🎵 Learn more on the kitty cat condo server!!! Join nooowwwwwww.
Join Everything Hub! A server for everyone to talk about absolutely anything they want!!! This is what we offer: 🤖 Tons of bots to help enhance the experience! 🗣 Multiple channels for you to chat about quite literary anything that's on your mind! 👮‍♂ Super friendly and helpful staff! 👙 NSFW channels for you to share all the porn and hentai that you want! 🤬 Mature language allowed! 👊 A super comfortable & friendly community! 🎮 Every possible gaming genre that you can imagine! 🎧 Various music channels! 💻 Channels for programmers! 🎭 Self-assignable roles for you to add more personality to your profile! 💰 A monetary system/economy! 🎖 Level up ranks! 📝 Custom Roles are available, too!
A server for anyone with an appreciation for birds. Whether you're a bird watcher, keeper, artist, researcher or just think they're neat, The Roost has a spot for everyone. 300+ members. Founded 2016. Regular community events.
A server for the dankest memes, and for people to meet each other from posting the sickest, coolest memes on this planet.
A server for sharing wholesome animal pics, memes, and videos; there are only two rules: be respectful of other members and no NSFW content!
We are the Pug Kingdom We rule with a Iron Paw And We Are A new server looking for friends, I am the leader Tiny Pug man!
For decades, the wild horses ruled the lands with such beauty and might. They survived the harsh environments, blood thirst beast, and even illness. All for what though? Why live when the world is slowly dying? Why live when they constantly have to look over their shoulders from their own kind? Why live to fight another day? That's the right question my friend. The gods testing their faith constantly, growing on the brink of insanity and yet they live. These creatures, horses, were their favorite projects. What happens when some get jealous of the horses? With the herds to busy at each other throats, they are blind to see the threat looming around the corner. Be a leader, follower, or cause havoc. Will the god's make you their chew toy? Find our your what your destiny lies! Join us
We have monthly emoji packs every month from September 7, 2018 'til December 7, 2018! Also, if you want to be a panda join now!
A server for furries of Oregon and Washington. Features channels for self-promotion, event planning, art and fursuit sharing, gaming, and more!
Pet World is a server dedicated to talking about pets. We welcome every critter, whether they have 100 legs or none. Every age 13+ is welcome.
DOGO KINGDOM! --------------------------------- The best kingdom you have ever found! We have... ・Giveaways! ・Dogo Roles! Some Cat roles to! ・Roleplays! ・Gaming/Parties! ・Loveable Members! ・And many more! ・Interested? Join now!