Art Discord Servers

With Daily Prompts, contests, community tips, critiques and a place to buy and sell artwork, our small but tightly knit community welcomes you into our humble home. We welcome all artists no matter what their skill level is and non-artists as well. DailyArtGrind has an active and friendly staff team, bots, economy and tons of events. What are you waiting for? Join up! We can't wait to meet you!
-=+=- ATTENTION ALL WRITERS, ARTISTS, MUSIC PRODUCERS, GAMERS, VOCALISTS, YOUTUBERS, CINEMATOGRAPHERS -=+=- This is a server for people into writing/art/music/film/gaming, so basically creative people, or people who appreciate it. There are people you can collaborate with, we host regular events/competitions, have a great community, and have loads of opportunities and resources to help you! For each category there's an entire section dedicated to it, and we're constantly expanding! We love new members, so feel free to join up!
🌺 ↺ Anime and Meme Chats ↻ 🌺 🌺 ↺ Daily game and anime discussions. ↻ 🌺 🌺 ↺ Currency Bot with rewards and 3 Music Bots. ↻ 🌺 🌺 ↻ Talented Artists and Designers open for requests. ↺🌺 🌺 ↻ Self Assignable Roles and ranking system. ↺ 🌺 🌺 ↻ Friendly staff and community. ↺🌺 🌺↻ Verification needed. Also idiot safe. ↺🌺 🌹 Everyone is welcome. 🌹
A actively improving a expanding furry discord server! In this discord we allow pretty much anyone to come here and chat with people/post images/art work, Or just share stuff with people that has the same interest as you! In this server we have our own custom made bot that is being worked on everyday and being developed by DJ Kitty! We also have moderation pretty much all the time and this discord will be actively monitored and making sure we ban any raiders before they cause too much damage to the server! Thank you for reading this and we hope you enjoy this server! - DJ Kitty
This is a friendly server for anyone to join. XD You can talk about art, anime, and etc. There are friendly staffs and member. Hope you can drop by and check it out and make some new friends. Xd
Kingdom of Pats is a new community server. Our community is filled with wonderful, friendly people and our staff team is attentive and happy to help. We’ve got an economy bot, games, marriage, levels, ranks, and even anime gacha. We also regularly run giveaways and competition. Hop on in and give it a try!
Join my server to talk and make friends. My server will accept everyone. Doesn’t mater what kind of things you like, there will always be someone with the same taste as you.Talk about. Anime,Memes,Games and any other things you want in the lobby. Help my server grow and support it. ENJOY!
Yee! Join this server and be cool! I got nothing to do so join meh! This community focuses on people who are interested in anime, roleplay, art, and helping others. We'll give you a grand welcome whoever joins us. We all look forward to growing big as a anime community!
Welcome to Creative Minds! Creative Minds is a server for writers, artists, and musicians to share their work and collaborate as a community. It is an open, accepting place where anyone can join and feel welcomed. We have: - Channels for you to promote your own work - Channels for you to share your work - Channels for you to get critique on your work - Chat channels for you to get to know other creative minded people - Partnerships - Color Roles - Lots of fun bots! - NO @everyone pings!
• Provide services: Free photoshop for media including profile pics & channel art. • Products & discount deals on irl purchases, Advertise your own link here. (requirements) • Control ur own channel. (Requirements) • Hate spam? This server filters links and delete spam • Server avoids using @ everyone so you can live notification free Join the server for more info
A place for Writers to write, musicians play, photographers to photograph, and artists to draw! Every artistic category has a drop off channel, and a critique channel to give advice. We have a writing bot for sprints and prompts, and a music channel to listen to as you write or draw. All ages welcome, this is a server with minimal swearing and clearly labeled warnings for mature content.
A Chill server with contests, self-assignable roles, crews, leveledroles, music etc. Oh and we have no rules, do what you want.