Art Discord Servers

This is a server that’s just for people who want to share art, stories, roleplay and have an overall positive environment to go to. We also have memes.
We're all mad here! Come join us at our Tea Party in the Wonderland Hangout, with this invitation! Will you be a White Queen (writer), or perhaps, a Rose Painter(artist)? Well, that is up to you! This tea party will be full of support, challenges, positivity, fun, roleplaying, and more! We're all here to make friends, so maybe you could be kind to everyone who was invited?~ Feel free to explore and be yourself.
🐾UwU Crew is a small server for furries, by furries 🐾 *✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚ We have... 🎨 Artists! 🐺Self assignableroles (Species, sexuality, pronouns and role colors!) 🍆A selection of NSFW channels~ 🤖 Fun bots! And more... *✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚ Want to learn more about the community or just want to connect with other furs? Then what are you waiting for? Join us at UwU Crew!
Welcome to The Coffee House 🍻 This server includes the following❤️❤️ - Café themed roles and SELF ROLES!☕️ - art and photography 📷 🎨 - multilingual!! We accept French, Spanish, Icelandic, and Swedish - LGBTQ+ 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 - amazing music bot!!🎧 - rp and currency bots💸 - debates about political topics ⚙️ ———————————————————— { art-anime-music-roles-debate-chill-chat} ————————————————————- We have only a few rules and are trying to grow this discord so come and be part of the community! ❤️❤️
An art community server that's not big nor crowded. Here you can chat, meet new people, share your art, receive/give critique, share knowledge and join contests. Also topics such as Games and Memes. Have fun! (lurking is fine)
**WHO WE ARE** -Virtual Café with Art, Social Events, and Promotion at its Core! -Offers Art discussion, feedback, and lessons -Co-own and founded by both, DreadisDead and JuST_MoNK _ **WHAT WE DO** -Support artists and give feedback and promote! -Host Events! -Promote creators content with both Self-promotion and Features! _ **EVENTS** -Anime Nights! Community Weebs pick a anime and we watch it each week! -Movie Nights! Community Nerds pick a movie and we watch it on Friday! -Art Contests! Artists are given a prompt and category to use and enter in the contest! Prizes and more! _ **RAFFLES** -VIP Raffles Active members can receive the chance to enter and win a Video games or Art Supplies (Including Software[IS]) as a reward each raffle! -Art Raffles Artists who enter in the contest receive the chance to win a custom role, discord #tab of their liking, or Art Supplies (IS)! -Festive Raffles A random raffle that all members are entered in get the chance to win a special prize stated!
Wowee, it's the coolest art server
"There are no mistakes. Just happy accidents." An art server purely based on growth, improvement, and communication! Receive critique for your work, request help, and get special roles from giving feedback to others. A place to hang out, share humor and music and also challenging yourself with our weekly prompts. Once we reach a total of 100 members, we will be holding an event of the server emote entries!
Welcome to Shot of Drawva, a hub for feedback and striving artists of all kinds! Drawva is a hub for all kinds of artists, including the likes of writers and musicians to gather and both provide/give feedback to one another on your works. Whether you're here to just have some banter with those like you or find new ways to better yourself, you'd surely enjoy yourself here. What we got : • A growing community, weeding out disrespectful members as they come. • Weekly challenges for the community! • Opportunities to discover new techniques and further your skills through feedback with other artists/writers/musicians. • A gallery and album, coming from people like yourself. • User updated resources that will be publicly available for use, with mainly original content. Be chill : • Don't hesitate to ask questions. More often than not you'll get an answer.
The Muffin Man is a freshly baked community (pun intended) that is a nice place to mix with other unique ingredients (also pun intended). This is a social server for meeting new people and sharing ideas and values. We have Art, Fitness, Gaming, Music and Sports channels so you can find people with the same interests as you <3.
Looking for a place to just chill out with other people? Do you just wanna chill out and play with a bunch of bots? Then this is the place for you! Here we have Pokémon bots, gaming and art channels, and some other things too! Stop by today!