Artists Discord Servers

Welcome to our land full of dragons and other fascinating creatures! Your heart guided you to our lands, your soul has been called. Just listen to the harmonious sounds of nature around here. Whatever you need can be found at this place. May it be a river, a forest, the wind, fire or anything that you need to survive, little dragons and non-dragons. Let your spirit become strong. Make yourself at home. This place is supposed to be a second home for those who are dragon otherkin, dragon furries/scalies or simply those who are interested in our kind. We're open to just everyone who really wants to be a part of this calm and positive "garden eden". Where you can hear the dragons roar and chirp together with small and big critters. Even bears, wolves, cats, birds and many, many other creatures are welcome here. As long as you'll follow the rules and won't hurt any of us, you're welcome. I'm Val'drøth, a forest dragon. Just about the size of a smaller cougar. But yet inviting, friendly and rarely grumpy. I founded this place with the wish to get together with many other dragons - otherkin or not. Let's show the world that we aren't those huge killing machines as most creatures think about us. We're more than that. I myself mainly eat veggies even. I'm a huge fan of steamed veggies. But yes, I also like meat, mostly chicken. And am a honey lover. Well, okay... enough about my food preferences. Just let us relax a little bit and listen to the sound of life. In love, Val'drøth
Empty atm but soon to grow into a decently sized server for all artists!
Welcome to Hanako Street! A place where people can relax and chill, play games with people, talk about cartoons, anime, manga, etc. Share your art, amvs/edits, and stories!
We are toxic and nsfw free server We welcome all casual talkers and content creators
A brand new discord server for Artists, GFX artists, Writers, and admirers! We are also LGBT friendly so come join!
A NEW Art and NSFW Art sharing server that allows all artists to share their art with one another for critique and praise. All styles and mediums welcome! Discord Server: This server allows artists to share their art, promote themselves, chat with one another, share memes, share music, share manga, etc.
Are you interesting in music production ? -> | Get feedback on your track -> | Exclusive tutorials -> | Talk with Alex Lander -> | Collab with other artists -> | Production giveaways -> Let's take over the world with our tracks !
The server belonging to the Twitch streamer known as MoofahX, this server is a general hub for all those interested in gaming, art, etc. and certainly appeals to fellow content creators. It is a place for Moofah, his friends, and others willing to partake in a lighthearted community.
Welcome to the lewd crew! We are a club for artists who draw nsfw! We would love new members! We have rp sections and chill corners! Come hang out!
Welcome to the Little Cave, A small but comfortable hangout server for artists and chill people, This server is mainly focused around art and being a friendly little hangout server, however we also have a couple of gaming and roleplay channels as well as a couple of bots to play around with
The Art Forest is a server for those who love all forms of art and love making artist friends! Bi-monthly calls to get to know each other!
Welcome! This is a growing server where people can share talents, critique, and much more! If you enjoy many forms of art such as drawing and singing, this is the place for you. Art isn't limited to one form. Join now!