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Welcome to Of Monsters and Marvel! Set in an alternate universe where the people living in the universe of Marvel can, at random, inexplicably turn into creatures of mythology, we are a canon only RP server which aims to have fun for everyone involved. It's not strictly MCU compliant, nor comic compliant. Each interpretation of the character is up to the writer as a whole, and inspiration can be taken from anywhere. The controversy around the topic of 'non-humans' are to be another ripple of conflict in the world of superheroes, villains, aliens, and more... We have: - Up to 3 canon characters per user! - Literate writing - Creative freedom to tweak the plot and lore of your character to your will
This is a Soul Eater AU! Come and join us! We have friendly staff Many roleplay channels And a simple character creation process! All of the important information about the server is found on it.
"Whatever the Empire did on the other side of that gate kicked a hornets nest. They went in there, got smacked around, then ran for the hills and didn't look back til they grabbed the other nations. By then, it was too late to dam the hole up, the other world sprung a leak, and now we're stuck with the tide of iron that followed." - Local gossip Yep, it's gate, well not really, we're following the general idea of the anime. We won't be fighting the Japanese, nor will you be fighting on the side of earth. Nope, we'll be fighting a South America based, multi-national mercenary outfit, the "Armée Sans Frontières". We've got our own bag of tricks, but we'll be doing all this at a disadvantage. They have guns, we have swords and magic. --- We've been very meticulous when making this server, there are clear instructions, guidelines, an FAQ and the staff are experienced on RP. We all know what it's like to constantly watch the server admins but heads on who gets to powerplay, so don't worry, there will be none of that in here! Your character will get their chance in the limelight, so come in, take in the sights, hear the sounds, and breath in the smell of napalm in the morning.
a Australian server created for gaming
Anime, Manga, Gaming, Roleplay, Chill and socialise. Help us grow our community! Give suggestions on how we should improve our server.
ReichP is the discord server for the RP subreddit of the same name. It takes place in an alternate Berlin in the year 1978. Germany rules Europe, a second civil war shattered the North American continent and the Queen is the same one as today. We hope that you join and enjoy yourself!
- Four nations ravaged by war. Will you be the one to shift the tide? - An 18 + au roleplay for krp roleplayers based around the idea of card suits
Legacy of the Shinobi is an original rolepaly server created by amazing staff and owner, with fair systems and logical administration. We try to brign the best experience, while also keeping it dark and realistic, not tryign to stray away from the sad feelings the original Naruto anime gave us. What we have: - Fair staff - Fair systems - Our own world and arcs - Big caps (So people cant jsut be specifically one thing, and everyone else is stuck) - Active roleplayers! Join today, we're expecting you!!
Come join our discord! In a alternate universe, Humans pose a threat to Gems. The Crystal Gems are trying to force together both races, which is The Diamond Authority wants to stop this. Come pick a side and fight for your beliefs.
It's an Alternative universe, where Kirigakure is still the bloody mist, and Naruto and all don't exist. You can be a Kage, ANBU, Rogue or whatever you want! Join and have fun Roleplaying! ~ SFW ~ EVENTS ~ Many places ~ Battles
a pokemon server for rp with its own lore, we are open for mod apps