Azur Lane Discord Servers

Looking for a place to talk about and roleplay as your favorite shipfus? Say no more, in here we center around the Azur Lane community including game chats, roleplaying and even some of that NSFW stuff. Filled with friendly people and inviting guides, we welcome all you peeps to join our community shipfu server!
Looking for social and welcoming discord community to chill and talk about anime and games? Come join us, expecially if you love Azur Lane! Do note that we are an 18+ community with nsfw sections and mature language.
Come join our International Community Server about gaming, anime, and random shit. Join if you are into granblue fantasy, final fantasy xiv, or gacha games (kancolle, fate GO, Fire Emblem Heroes, Azurlane, King's Raid). Members from Europe, Asia, and the US welcome! :D We allow dicks but not assholes, so prepare to be kicked if you just enjoy shitting on everything....