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In this alternate universe, your favorite DC heroes and villains made their beginnings as kids instead of adults. With this in mind, there are few deviations from the main DC canon, and takes inspiration from the comics, movies, and TV shows.
Earth Omega is a role-play server that consists of many categories with detail, It's in need of users to increase the activity, Please do join if you wish to!
A unique take on Batman roleplay, Gotham City Roleplay takes a look at the normal people in Gotham, from the cops to the crooks to the people just trying to get on with life. GCRP features many different channels for different locations, big and small, and a full rank system for the GCPD.
"Gotham is under terror, and the Batfamily is split apart somewhat after Nightwing's disappearance and Batgirls sudden Retirement following Batman's "Death" Not only that, but more threats lurk in the shadows. The mysterious Court of Owls and League of Shadows threaten Gotham. Will the Batfamily be enough to stop it, outnumbered and uncoordinated?" Welcome, we're a strong nice community that have created many other successful RPs. and hope to grow and get more members. We have RP Custom lore with a detailed Backstory, mee mee's, Custom Emojis. and a lot of unclaimed characters and Batcow!. Hurry and snatch one before the others do! _FEATURING! -->A custom detailed Lore ->Focus on Gotham and Metropolis but characters from other places are allowed ->Batcow, Master of Cow-Fu ->Events are somewhat regular, looking for Super characters/Batfam Come join! and you'll have a fun time role-playing here!
"I'm putting together a team of people with special abilities."--Bruce Wayne Join us in the neverending fight against the worlds worst villains, together you can stop them in this DC Comics Roleplay server! Choose any 3 characters of Choice, and get into the fight with our amazing storyline! Active Community Active Staff Music Listening Parties Meme Channel Giveaways and So much More! Welcome to the Justice League! Permanent Invite Link:
Set in the fictional City of Gotham, this Roleplay allows for people to play as their favorite members of either the BatFamily or their Rouge’s Gallery.
This is a server based in Gotham City! It is based somewhat off the show, and we have open characters to be played! Such as: Selina Kyle, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Batgirl, and so much more! You also have the pleasure of making an original character if you'd like. Here's the backstory to draw you in! No Mans Land took grasp of the city 10 years ago. The Batman arose from the dark alleyways merely 5 years past. The city has had time to rebuild, and with its relatively new hero, the streets seemed to have been cleaned. Arkham is filled to the brim with lunatics, more so than usual it seemed. Although, they were being treated, some were being cleared. Only some. All was relatively well for Gotham and it's citizens. However, peace doesn't last for the people of the city. It was one mere day for all of it to come crumbling down. Unknown circumstances lead to a mass breakout of the criminals and lunatics of Arkam Asylum. The GCPD was unprepared for such and fell subject to being useless against the swarm. The Batman works endlessly to assist, yet many have spread across the city to its darkest corners. Within days, the city was lost to the criminals once again. The efforts persisted, and the city fights with all its might against this chaos. Not to mention the concern of the higher grade criminals locations currently unknown...
The worlds of Marvel and DC comics come together in this crossover server, where a new era of heroes will be taking the lead now! With a new cast of heroes, including both custom ocs and canon characters from both series, new adventures await ahead! We are proud to feature such things as: - An active community, with members to talk to and a chance to make some new friends - A custom made storyline, including major heroes like Captain America and Batman to always keep things interesting, and always new things to do - Set in the popular and well known cities like Gotham, Metropolis, and New York. Feel free to explore any of them at your leisure - A chance to make YOUR own story, about your own character, or perhaps pick up a canon character you've always wanted to play as - A mixture of Marvel, DC comics, and My Hero Academia elements all in one server The future awaits you. As the older heroes of the last generation, such as Superman, Batman, Captain America and plenty others step down, they will become mentors and teachers for the next generation of heroes. S.H.I.E.L.D creates a new program to enlist any civilians known to have powers, and help train them to become heroes. However, not all are accepted, and some turn to the darker side, of villainy... What sort of impact will you have? Who's side will you take? Will you try and establish your own team, with your own group of friends? Or perhaps and aim to be accepted by one of the more well known alliances, such as The Avengers or even the Justice League? Or maybe even a team of evil, and aim to rule the world with your forces combined?
Suit up people and get ready to go to war! This server invites you to the wonderful world of Detective Comics. Why should you join this server? Well.... 1. We talk about the best comics and a whole lot of other "stuff" 2. We have designatedchannels for all activities, including rage filled arguments 3. tbh We have more people than the other DC servers here so.... MORE ACTIVITY. Join now!
The year is 1964. Gotham city has always been filled with crazy people and that's why we have arkham asylum. To make everyone's life's a bit easier. Make a doctor or a patient but just rember in arkham asylum nobody can hear you scream.
3rd person, group. canon characters. Looking for serious roleplayers. If you're reading this, something has gone seriously wrong. Callsign "Nightwing" here, you might know me better as Batman's first Robin. And Gotham City isn't doing too hot. It's been 122 days since the disappearance of a large number of Justice Leaguers, including Batman himself. In those 122 days, no one in the city has been able to keep a lock on crime. The "Bat-Family" has been stretched thin trying to cover all the bases, but clearly, it isn't enough. People have begun to associate Batman's disappearance with the recent death of the Joker, and in turn spawned a new war between tribute gangs, people fighting to represent the names of either Batman or the Joker, just adding more onto the plates of the professionals. Everyone is having troubles, but consider this Gotham City's SOS; we need help. Be it from heroes or sidekicks not in Gotham, or anyone willing to directly aid us in saving this city. Until further action can be taken, we are the New Justice League. Nightwing out. Please join.
Come check out a DC Comics roleplay server! We have many characters open. There's no set plot, so you're free to roleplay anything with anyone on any of the locations!