Book Discord Servers

A community based discord server based on 1984. The cool side. The bad side.
Ketu mund te gjeni referatet per shume lektyra,romane,drama te ndryshme
A server for discussing carry on and roleplaying in the World of Mages. We have a few different channels for different types of roleplays and I am more than willing to make more channels if you guys have any fun AUs to try.
A place where people can talk about what they are reading and ask questions! Join now!
The Literary Discord is a place for book lovers that might be a little obsessed with literature.
This server is based off Skyrim. We mostly talk bout gay shit, but we are fun enough to make it worth your while :o).
An online book club with an active community that discusses our love for books. We have monthly read-alongs, book swaps, read-a-thons, and more (for 18+)
This server is about writing. It's currently inactive, and we need more members as soon as possible to complete it! No matter how many. We'll need a lot of people for this book! And we have to work together!
Hello, and welcome to Storytelling! Here you can insert stories that you wish to share, but they can't be too long! You could also just listen to others stories. We have a few types of genres you'd probably like: Creepypastas/Scary, Online, Real Life, Made Up, and a few more. This server is also family friendly, so no bad things! We would like suggestions as well to improve our experience for the server! Thank you for taking your time in checking this server, and I hope you enjoy!
**Take a trip to Rainor** In an alternate dimension it is still the year **1837**, but it seems different… People are carrying **blasters** powered by **steam** and **smoke**, there is a mysterious society running the world and a **mystical stone** has more powers than you could believe. Join **The Council** and try to take back the land from the evil Jequois. Or join the Jequois and fight to keep the nation under your rule. This is also a safe place for **Tulpamancers** to come and express themselves. **Everyone is welcome here!** So if you want to have a fun time with other steampunk enthusiasts then join this server!!!