Bot Fun Discord Servers

Hello! We are a new, friendly, social and hopefully growing server. Our server includes Pokecord (our GOD!) and giveaways but not limited to: we have many other bots too. We also include gyms, some roles that you can pick and we accept partners! Join us for a whirpool of fun! Our bots are: -Pokécord -Beheeyem -Mundae -ShadowLugia -Mantaro -Dank Memer -UnbelivaBoat -Pancake (music) -Server configuration bots Can't wait to see you there!
Hai, my names Athena! :3 This server is specifically made for Nitro users! as all of our emotes/emojis will only work for them! Join this server if you want a variety of emotes/emojis, fun with different kind of bots and much more!
Welcome to the Penguin PUB, A Friendly Multi-Fandom Server that provides multiple activities and such! -Roleplay -Gaming -Events -Friendly Admins -Spicy Memes -And More!