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LBI is a gaming group that is hoping to become at the top one day. For now we decided to try and get known in discord so we are hoping to get more people to notice and follow us. We include a masive amount of bots that are willing to do what ever you want.
I’ll save you some time with the description. Here. GAMER GIRL COUNT: 18 😏 -Shitload of bots -Decent people -New stuff being added weekly -Votes and suggestions -Actually decent admin that won’t instamute you if you act rarted... just don’t break no rules (Edit) Currently looking for a partner! DM @Drizzified#4925 if interested! We won’t let you down!
Are you tired of the same old boring bots with updates that come once in a full moon? A support server where there's no actual support. Well the Gaming Gal's support server is the complete opposite; We have tons to offer: • An active server with helpful and respectful staff. • Frequent updates and tweaks for the bot. • A say to make the bot/support server even better! • Hours of fun. • An Intriguing and awesome bot • An owner which actually cares about the members opinions! Alex_#8083 is the proud owner of Gaming Gal.
Our server is a small community or friends willing to get some more to talk about random stuff that people talk about on discord and to have some fun with some bots. It is a nice community so far and we wish to keep it that way. Abide to the rules and you will be spick and span.
Slow down from your typical discord and enjoy the atmosphere of Cassette, enjoy a wonderful moment with friends as you listen to some tunes. Get to know everyone as we all are friendly. 👋Community, We are a friendly community and we welcome anybody. 💂Security, We guarantee your experience, No fuss no worries. 🤖Bots, We have a wide range of bots, you can also request bots to your liking. 🎉Fun, Have a blast in our server, Play games enjoy laughter We hope to see you here soon ! Cheers ! (📜JOB OPENING: We are looking for server moderators and admins.)
Welcome to the C.P.S.F. Formerly a clan that started from a soon-to-be-released Halo fan game called Installation 01, we have decided to expand our horizons from just Halo. Now we’re a gaming community server that still holds up to our Halo clan traditions. You’ll meet lots of people here so don’t be shy to talk a bit because we got a wide variety of different backgrounds from game devs, people in the military, etc. So come and be part of the C.P.S.F. Squad! We want you recruit!
The last server got deleted. But we hope this one will stay. Welcome to Glob Apple Yarn 2.0! this server is a chill community with chill people and other chill stuff
Woo! Join now for awesome global emotes, fun chats with games and a nice community! Spread the love <3
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ~▪▪▪▪WELCOME TO AI▪▪▪▪~ AI is a brand new server where you can make new friend's and have fun conversations. **Reasons to join** •Partner •Fun channels •Events •Nsfw❗ ------------------------------------------------ All though we do have Nsfw channels this still is a Sfw community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~《Staff's》~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Managers are in charge of staff and everyone els with roles below them, Managers are to see if a member is worthy of being staff. They are also there to report to Owner to ser if a staff abuses privileges. ---------------------------------------- **BOTS** Mantaro Mee6 Miki Tastumaki Nadeko Rythm Dank memer ---------------------------------------- **you must have 70 members or above for a ping to everyone to join you're partnered server.** invite link:
██ WELCOME TO STARLIGHT GUILD. ██ ☰What is this group about?☰ It's a guild based roleplay where characters come into play at the guild. You start off by walking in with a paper. An application paper. After you walk in you will be guided to meet the three Guild Masters. Each skilled and specialized in different areas. Whether it be politics to combat and or magic. Everyone is welcome at Starlight. Whether you join the guild to hone your skills in swords fighting to alchemy, It doesn't matter! Because here there are open arms willing to help. We also have a tavern. ██What does our group feature?██ ➥Self assignable roles. ➥A variety of species to choose from but aren't limited to. ➥Weekly Quests! ➥Friendly staff team! ➥Expansive lore! ➥A say in events! ➥Roleplay events and tons of occupations/jobs to choose from!!
Nitro Emotes. a GIF emotes server for people with nitro! come and join us! • We have loads of gif emotes! 100 to be exact! • We have cool bots! • We are very friendly! • Giveaways every week! • Loads of Self Roles/Color Roles We are hoping to get 500+ members! So come and join now! All Are Welcome!
=========================== Welcome to Ana and Ronan's chill palace! =========================== This is a server made by two people. You know who they are. Anyways, like games and just not doing much of anything in general? Well god damn, you are gonna like this server! It's a server where you can talk about many games or your choosing, and meet new friends! We also have a lot of bots for your amusement! And if you are a filthy sinner, we also have 4 NSFW channels! 2D, 3D, Yaoi, and Yuri! Christ is watching. We have over 40 emotes! We have MUCH, MUCH more, but you'll have to join the server~ Adios! ===========================