Brony Discord Servers

Hello All And Welcome To Manehattan Square With The owner Shadow Eclipse#1181 And we're a small but growing community and looking for members and staff (we will have an application by January of 2019!!) We're accepting of all Fandom lovers so Come on and see what we have and can offer!
Welcome to My Little Pony AUS! A fun community server for Australian bronies!
This server is meant to be a friendly place where all furries, bronies, and everything in between can get along and have a place they can go to for anything. The rules WILL be strictly enforced to ensure that this place remains peaceful and welcoming!
this is a server for all of the my little pony fans we have music rpg games roleplay and other fun stuff
This is a server for Bronies and Pegasisters who just want to relax and maybe Roleplay with their Original Characters
A open minded server open to everybody. Here, you can share your interest whit others and your yiff ! We accept every kink.
here we have a lot of cool things to do we talk about anime play games and more, small server
This a brand new roleplay/community server for furries, bronies, or anyone looking to meet new people and make friends! We are very low on people so we would appreciate any new members!
Es ist ein (meist) gemütlicher Server auf dem man sich unterhalten und kennenlernen kann, es gibt unter anderem einen RP und Gaming Channel. (Vor der Freischaltung habt ihr nur Zugriff auf den Hauptchat.) Es gibt auch spezielle Rollen für Bronies und Otakus, für die es auch zusätzliche Channel gibt.
are you a furry and or brony? well hop on in because this server caters to those who like to meet other furries and bronies out there as well as getting in touch with our community. warning: mostly nsfw.
Don't be a dick. Rules are fairly simple. It's a chill server.