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Caffeine && Code is a community-driven Discord server about programming. We support a multitude of different languages including Assembly, C++, Haskell, JavaScript and Swift.
Come join the fun!!! Anything programming/computer related, we'll talk/try to help if we can!
Junte-se ao melhor servidor para GameMakers, convide seus amigos e conhecidos também, temos um ambiente completo para te ajudar no desenvolvimento do seu projeto assim também caso você queira apenas jogar e visualizar o projeto alheio. Venha aprender e compartilhar oque aprendeu conosco !
Hello! Are you someone who would like to learn programming from 0 and (or) at the same time are afraid to start, because you don't think you can handle it? Maybe you're someone who would like to convert to C# or learn object oriented programming. Maybe you simply want to help or share your experience? Well then, how about learning with a help of a teacher, within a community full of people just like you? We're a growing community on Discord- C# Inn, focused on sharing our experience and help people to start off as programmers or become better at what they do and grow. Twice a week I offer free lessons on Discord for two groups of people: For those who know nothing (programming principles) and for those who know some (oop and c#). Lessons are in a format of live coding on cooperative wall on Rextester.com. Lessons material is being added every week, written by me and posted on Discord. I try to record everything too, but so far I was a bit lazy about it. Everything is free of charge. The best way of learning, in the end, if by doing something yourself. So we are forming groups of 3-5 people and by the end of September will try to start making group projects. If any of that interest you, go ahead and join our community :)
Eine Deutsche Entwicklercommunity, die für jegliche Fragen zum Programmieren oder Designen rund um die Uhr verfügbar ist. Zu unseren Themengebieten gehören u. A. -Python -Java -C# -VB -JS -...
A place for programmers to talk and help each other , a place for bot developers , game creators , website developers and gamers. We will promote any of your project like websites , games , apps , bots , plugins , everything. We are looking for staff members for more please join server and contact us. Apply for moderator here : https://maxxer.typeform.com/to/uhlZN3
A cool discord server for people who want to talk about programming, get help with programming, talk about modding, and more
A programming server with a relaxed tone and tight knit community. We have a lot of members from varying fields of computing with experience in many different tools. If you're looking for some casual conversation, help with programming or to discuss the latest technology, this server is for you.
DevCloud is a community hub for programmers and developers! Here you can discuss code and ask others for help. This is a server all about you and your development! Are you looking for a testing evironment for your bot? Someone to test a website you made? Or someone to help you develop the newest sickest game ever? Come on over to DevCloud!
[EN] Main language: Italian, we accept also english speaking members Games and programming. Partnered with G Softwares. [IT] Server ufficiale di Informatica e Software
Code Scrollers is a wonderful server for those who want to learn coding or already know it. We have an average response time of 90 seconds, and no question is too hard for us! We have custom bots and hideaway channels!