Canon Discord Servers

The mass effect trilogy all done in one server. Oc's are welcome and there are plenty of canon characters. We welcome all oc's and species so feel free to use your own characters! We are welcoming of everyone and anyone, so don't feel nervous!
Welcome to RWBY: Another Adventure Begins! This is a brand new server made mainly for semi-lit/lit RPers that takes place right after the Breach, when Vale is beginning to recover from the attack of the Grimm. It's now leading up to the Vytal Festival as students and huntsmen alike gather to witness or participate in the biennial event that is the Vytal Festival Tournament, as new bonds will be formed, new rivalries will be sparked, and as new players step up to the plate. Feel free to join, we can't wait to see you!
For all danganronpa fans! This follows all 3 games and references another episode. Are you interested in danganronpa or just wanting to roleplay? Either way join the server!
A Attack on titan Roleplay server, not much more to say than that.
Open World is a virtual reality Panfandom with an emphasis on exploration and growth. Your characters bring new elements to land- towns, landmarks, powers- they're all dependent on the people here! Even the threats you might face! We accept both Canons and Fandom-Based OCs!
A Tokyo ghoul RP server where you can be a ghoul, half-ghoul, or CCG, it's not exactly 100% pure Tokyo ghoul
A rp of star wars that takes place in the Empire era
Welcome to Fairy Tail CANON RP! Everything you need to know is in the title. :D
This server is your basic 'My Hero Academia' Roleplay server! It's part of a collab (servers will be listed!) and we have a fun growing community!
Welcome to the Underground! Join as either a canon character or make your own, and leap into the roleplay!
Hello world! This server is a place where you can basically roleplay as canon and non canon aot characters from aot/snk or you can just talk with us! We welcome you and we would appreciate it if you join