Caring Discord Servers

A talent based community, designed around the love of music. We have huge names in the industry within the server, for you to talk to. Simply Melody isn't just aimed for those with talent as we go for a wider target audience. In Simply Melody, there are experienced and talented users to talk and learn to. Furthermore, the server includes known figures to show our legitimacy as well as our dedication
♡Welcome To JNC♡ If you love Nightcore, Anime, Music, Roleplay, Giveaways or Events, then this server is for you!~ ♡ JNC stands for Jess's NightCore, she grows her community and youtube channel every day~ she has this discord server helped by her lovely staff! Come join the fun and you won't regret it! ~ From Everyone At JNC ♡
An active, unique small community where you can come and have fun chatting. Free of assholes with few rules :)... To sum up into one word, caring.
Welcome to ꧁Quantum Horizon꧂! This is a place for people that are fans of anime, games, memes and socialising. You also can have many more opportunities of finding new friends, groups and games to play with and share your interest with other people to gain more fans. If you want to be given roles you have to earn it by being active and climbing the ladder. We offer many services like the following: •Friendly Community! •Interesting Bots! •Server Assistance! •Partnerships! •Nsfw •V.I.P's •Monthly Events •Hiring Professional Staff •Still In Construction •And So Much MORE..! There are many categories to choose from, and if you feel like we need to have more, suggest them to us! We take all suggestions. We make sure that the server stays clean and hopefully come join us in our community. This is a fairly new server but strive to grow and we need all the support we can get in order to make the server a better place for everyone to enjoy!
Hello There! And Welcome To Super Chill Central My Side Server Here You can meet new people and play you can talk about anything as long as its appropriate In The rules We Love To see people talking about their favorite thing it shows us that your awesome we are a Caring server about our members we Have Bots That Can entertain you Like Gray bot And Japan Is My City. Of Course Those are not the real name I Renamed Them So If you Like Gaming, Programming, Anime,Cartoons etc. etc. Come Here for The Perfect Experience
Welcome to Flower! Flower is a safe place to make friends and even make family. We have friendly staff, and amazing bots you can used to enjoy yourself with. Please enjoy your stay and have fun!
We are a nice community! We have friendly members and staff. We love and respect everyone. We have bots for leveling up, playing music and more fun stuff!!! Come join us in, A Safe Place if you need someone to talk to. If you have any questions or would like to report something or someone, feel free to Dm any Admins or Moderators. We all hope you enjoy your stay here with us.
we have many topics and channels for every taste! We are family friendly and non-nsfw.