Cartoon Discord Servers

Hi, and welcome to the Steven Universe RP! We're a brand new server hoping to make new friends and build up a community! We're open and welcome to users of all ages and levels of experience, so anyone can feel free to join! With roleplay, art, show discussion, chatting, and more, there's always something for everyone. So come join us and be a part of the group!
A server for all new and diehard fans of the show alike! Discuss the show, talk about upcoming seasons, rp with others, or just have a good time and talk to people that all have one show in common!
Welcome to The Animation Auditorium, a server dedicated to western animation with a fun theater theme. There's a lot to do, so stick around and chat a while!
A Steven Universe Discord server for speculation and discussion!
This is for all Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends fans everywhere!
Another Dimension is a server created to connect people who love Star Vs. the Forces of Evil and other Disney Television Animation series. We are friendly and inclusive server that loves getting to know all our members!
A server that is for everyone! at Family House we are all part of a family and we we are all different, so we decided to make a server where all of us is here! gamers, artists, trollers, etc. We have rules in the server, so don't worry! and event will be happening at least once a month, let the fun begin!
This is the dopest litest RICK AND COMMUNITY in this dimension. We welcome all Rick and Morty fans and enthusiasts from across the galaxy. This community has no bias towards any age, race, religion or sexuality we welcome @everyone who shares a love for Rick and Morty. This is a non-toxic environment where everybody is equal. Please read our rules in the #school-of-mortys. Enjoy yourself, have fun and don't forget to invite your friends to our beautiful community.
A server for fans and creators of things like art, animation, cartoons, video games, and comics. If you like chatting with people of similar interests, or showing off your creations, then this is probably your kind of server. We also do a lot of community events like gaming sessions and art contests.
Join us and have fun and please don't be cancerous, just post on the proper tabs! Features for this server (UPDATED): ✦ Leveling system! You can level up your profile to Level 50+ and compete with others ✦ Gaming competitions! We monthly arrange new competitions such as gaming competitions and other battles where you can win prizes ✦ Bots! There are 10+ bots and still counting, you can challenge other users in Smash-like games and have fun with the economy system ✦ Memes, memes and more shitposting memes! You can post your awfully hilarious and weird memes along with your weird shitposts ✦ Music bots! There are so many music channels along with the music bots you can ask Alexa to play Despacito or your Green Day songs all night ✦Have fun with Pokecord and challenge other users in the server, catch and level up your pokemons and trade-in with others ✦Use the Alice fighting bot to have a battle using your characters against other users ✦Talk about anything! Anything really, have fun :)
I think you can figure it out from here, but just in case, this is the server for Cartoons, Cartoons that ended up becoming Corrupted and Sexual in appearance and actions. The owner is a good man by the name of Kyle/A.K. "4QO" Morris, with the co-owner being the lovely Howlin'AtTheMoon.