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Come join! This server is made for fun and other stuffs like Bongo Cat emotes! It is still a bit quiet, but over time it will surely change! :3
Join this server for the best cats to ever cat. Full of meows and paws
Kociaki ImNot'a? -😺Server jest dopracowany -😺Mila administracja -😺Kanały do gadania z innymi -😸Dużo losowań -😸 Rangi specjalne -😸 Dużo Rang -😸 Rangi za Lvl 👋 Zapraszam was na wejście na server!!👋
The Bets Cat Community you will see! - Xp / Credits - Profile Cards - plenty of cats - Nice Staff - Staff Applications - Cat Memes - Giveaways - LiveStreams
Cat Paradise is a small community that is about cats! We have anime, quality bots, and roleplay! Join now!
New server! Anyone is welcome to join as long as they like animals.
This is a roleplay about cats lead by one cat called Mimosa who live in a small blue shack with a nice fenced backyard with humans that only visit once a week. There are strays who live in an abandoned train station close to them who will eventually come to live with them. Come and join and have fun!
A cat haven with nitro cat emotes
🌙☀️WE ARE A BRAND NEW SERVER IN THE MAKING☀️🌙 we are looking for new active people to join the family and paitently grow amongst the group. — For Centuries the Two clans have lived in peace amongst themselves and their beliefs. But as time shortens a shimmer of darkness as begun to touch the land. It it’s shadow begins to grow a dark figure has been seen in mystery throughout the island. The boogie cat stories began to spread, and create folk tales. But none has ever truly seen the boogie cat. Or also known as the God of Death. But the clans prefer not chase a myth amongst the forest. And focus on the fact of problems. Rabbits are not reproducing, and mice have been hiding for far to long, squirrels are blending in with the trees, and the fish are showing up dead upon the shores. Food has run scares on the island. Cats have had to travel outside of territory lines to catch prey. Bringing the collision of the Aubade and Celestial Clan. Because of their opposite beliefs most cats end up in battles leaving many cats fatally wounded. As the problem begins to spread the clans must come with a solution and quick. Because time is running out. — ⭐️Join Us Today!⭐️
In the mountains there lie two clans. These clans were once at peace with each other, however due to the needs of a mad leader peace has been forgotten. A war now wages between the two and no one is sure who will win. One side fights for peace, trying to restore the balance that has been lost. The other fights for revenge, wanting to get back at the other side for the pain they've caused. The choice is up to you. Pick either the spiritual and peaceful SlateClan, or the strong and violent ThistleClan. Carve out your own story and see what the valley had in store for you! All dramatics aside The Clans is an open and friendly WC roleplaying community and we are excited to see new members trickling in to fill our ranks. Our roleplay offers a dice system to keep fights fair and hunts interesting! We highly recommend you atleast look around at all of the history and lore we have. We even have our own custom map and locations for you to check out