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Come join the 4 new clans, DuskClan, FadeClan, TalonClan, and CreekClan, in all sorts of amazing adventures.
A cat safe neighborhood looking for more cadets to sell their souls to this awesome community. :3
✨A brand new Warrior Cats RP server. Always looking for more friends to join the community! Please read till end!✨ ¯°•º¤◆¤º°¯ ¯°•º¤◆¤º°¯ ¯°•º¤◆¤º°¯ Once there was nothing but twolegs & creatures in this land. As time passed some strays, loners(former clan cats mostly) and kittypets settled down together to form communities. New Clans. Within a few generations you could hardly tell that there had never been any clan cats here. From near nothing four groups had arisen: MossClan, BrambleClan, CreekClan & StoneClan. Four groups all together under Silverpelt and guided by the warrior code. In times of crisis, when the clans cannot seem to find a solution they often confer with their medicine cat’s and StarClan to see if they may receive any hints as to how to solve the dilemma. Hence the name Oracle Plains. Despite this fact most nowadays try to solve things on their own as a clan rather than rely on fallen warriors. But perhaps they should try to lean a little more every now and then just as they used to. If they can’t.. ¯°•º¤◆¤º°¯ ¯°•º¤◆¤º°¯ ¯°•º¤◆¤º°¯ Like mentioned earlier this is a brand new warrior cats rp server which will be run by myself along with Staff. 💫Currently Looking for💫 > 1 or 2 Staff(admins to help run the server plus events). > Active members. > We're a semi literate server. What this means is try to post at least two lines each post. > Suggestions for events eventually.
 > Leader for BrambleClan. > Deputies & Medicine Cats for MossClan, BrambleClan, CreekClan & StoneClan > Warrior Cats fans! If you don’t wish to rp and still want to hang with warrior cat fans you may do so. Please be patient as we try to get off the ground/start up and thank you for reading!
The Banks is a Warriors roleplay set in a valley, cut in two by a river called The Divide. One clan has lived here for long, to the west of the massive river, though another appears on the horizon. Will conflict spark between these two clans? What will happen when two cultures interact? Find out now by joining us!
Three clans living in peace. MarshClan, TimberClan and MoorClan. That is until MoorClan's leader, Starlingstar, gets kidnapped by twolegs. They never tried to save her. Many moons later she's back. With a new identity and a quest for revenge... (Drama, Mystery etc.)
A prospering city with 4 clans! Brand new and looking for members to help us grow!
Join this server for the best cats to ever cat. Full of meows and paws
Just a chill server to make new friends and chat. We’re a small community but the more the merrier! Age range: Mostly mid-late teens but we accept all ages :) We have: • Art • Fandom • Games • Memes • Music • Pokemon (Pokecord) We do not have: • Roleplay • NSFW • Partnerships • Politics or Religion
yo waddup it's spicy cat memes. just, a ton of cat memes. - - - They've abandoned us. They've left us to rot on this forsaken earth. There are so many of these hellish monsters. - - - We are a warrior cats-inspired roleplay group following the adventures of three religious factions. Join us on our adventures through a dystopian world and our efforts to find our lost gods! [ ]
Have fun and meet new people. Discover new memes and funny jokes and game, all in the fun zone.
A server for sharing wholesome animal pics, memes, and videos; there are only two rules: be respectful of other members and no NSFW content!