Cg Discord Servers

💙A New 15 CG/L, DDLG, furry dating server!!💙 💙 Everyone is welcome here💙 💙 We're planning on getting up to 100 channels and just as many roles💙 💙We have a few dating channels💙 💙Offering Dom/Sub pair up!!💙 💙15+💙 💙 Looking for helpers, Mods, Bot assistance, ECT 💙
Stuffie Emporium is a 16+ cg/l server that is steadily growing. It has many roles and more to be added. It also has free stuffies!! Anyone 16+ is welcome to join and we hope you enjoy your stay.
A small CG/L group that is very welcoming and friendly. We have games and entertainment, and are modifying with every new member
This is a CGL safe server where all littles and Cgs' get to come and social lize it's very small right now bc it's new please join and enjoy your time Created Dec.4 2018 [Jins birthday]
A community of like-minded kinksters, come join in the discussions and share in the fun!
for now, we post a daily worksheet for lils, will do more soon!
This is a dd/lg roleplay kink sort of server which is welcome to people of all sorts. Please be friendly and understand we do have a few rules that you need to follow.
Here we will look after Littles without the stress, or fear of being bullied, or harrassed. You can either request for a specific Admin to look after your little, or a group. (Ladybug/Butterfly) Depending on who you choose we will give your a little a specific tag. You can also request certain days/times and we will help look after your little and keep them company.
Hello there little, caregiver, or just curious! This server is a safe space for all DDlg minded people, no matter what age you are! We would love it if you gave us a try, and even more so if you stayed with us! Come have fun with us, the Cosmic Cuties!
a fun server to meet other littles/doms!
La Maison Du Plaisir (or The House of Pleasure) is a server supporting BDSM and kinky individuals looking for both casual and pleasurable fun. 15+ We offer many things in the server, such as: ↠ Many roles to express yourself with ↠ An NSFW chat category for those naughty people. ↠ Numerous bots for fun, nsfw and games. ↠ Unique, ~~kinky~~, and friendly members who are happy to meet you! ↠ And a hell lot more!
18+ server dedicated to letting you fulfill your kinkiest desires!