Cgl Discord Servers

A small CG/L group that is very welcoming and friendly. We have games and entertainment, and are modifying with every new member
Welcome to Sugar Sweet CGL! Here we have a variety of channels and loads of fun in store! 🍩 18+ channels 🍩 Easy use of roles 🍩 A matchmaking Chat 🍩 Events and Movie Nights 🍩 Questions of The Day 🍩 Engaging Staff 🍩 Many channels And more... Come and join the fun! We'll be waiting!
This is a CGL safe server where all littles and Cgs' get to come and social lize it's very small right now bc it's new please join and enjoy your time Created Dec.4 2018 [Jins birthday]
> Welcome to Forgotten dream < Forgotten dream is a brand new server! After our first day on launch already some amazing people have joined! We hope to be able to keep this up. Come join us now and help us build the best server to everyone's desires ^^. It is a server for everyone part of the DDLG/CGL community and furry fandom. We welcome everyone and we do not judge anyone. We have here for you: > 40+ channels > Experienced staff that listens to you > Self-assignable roles! > We hope to start events like movie nights and game nights soon! > We have fun bots to keep you busy and entertained > Many different channels to share media, like drawings and memes! If you want to make new friends and meet new people with the same interests as you, don't hesitate and come talk to us! Hope to see you soon! ^w^ > Permanent Link:
Dragon Lair is a unique CG/L and roleplaying server! With a focus on CG/L and BSDM communities, we are also a dedicated monstergirl roleplay server! Custom races, tags, and roleplay channels! New to the community? Want to roleplay as a slime, dragon, ghost, or anything in between? This is the server for you! We are a brand new server, so all members will contribute to the development of this server! We also have NSFW channels for the lewdsters, gaming, memes, and anime! There's something for everyone :3 enter the Lair!
A pretty teaparty! Lots of channels and lots of fun!
BDSM server must be 15+ just chill and enjoy the many areas and events we have and feel comfortable about yourself and expressing the person you are in a safe place
We are a small CGL server and we except any one over 18+ We do have an nsfw but it is locked untill you prove you age by providing evidence such as passport driving likenesses. there is no wiggle room you must be 18+ if you 17 and its all most you bday your still not 18 so no.
for now, we post a daily worksheet for lils, will do more soon!
Here we will look after Littles without the stress, or fear of being bullied, or harrassed. You can either request for a specific Admin to look after your little, or a group. (Ladybug/Butterfly) Depending on who you choose we will give your a little a specific tag. You can also request certain days/times and we will help look after your little and keep them company.