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Welcome to Camp Half-Blood: Roleplay! We're a new CHB server that is just starting up, looking for active members to start off our roleplay. If you'd like to be a member of a new community, then join us! Our god's list will be expanded on as we grow in size and activity, and all suggestions that are made will be taken into consideration by our staff team.
We are a small, growing server that enjoys roleplaying as demigods, inspired by the various fandoms authored by Rick Riordan. We have a terrific group of friendly veteran characters and welcome new members, encouraging an eclectic mix of godly parents from multiple pantheons- Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, etc. Our experienced Admins and group members will help you every step of the way to develop your character and overall enjoy yourself! We look forward to welcoming you to the family. Join us at Camp Mythos today!
Welcome, Demigods, Heroes, and Campers, to your safe haven, Camp Half-Blood! We offer a dynamic plot line, friendly staff, challenges, and events! We host CTF or a similar event every two weeks unless there is a Quest running. We are always improving, and open to just about everything. The server is LGBTQ+ friendly, and accept characters of all types, as long as it fits into the Camp! (Note: We only allow Greek characters. Kids from other Mythologies will not be accepted.)
Come join us and rp in Hogwarts, Camp Half-Blood, or both!
Being a demigod can’t be the worst thing ever...right? Welcome to Camp Half Blood, set up like the books we have an armory, the big house and most importantly **the volleyball court**. Join us at camp and be claimed by your godly parent.(No pior knowledge is needed
An attempt at a 'quality' Camp Half-Blood server. Our RP requirements limit one liners and most of all, ask for quality and ability to write freely. Come check it out if you want to RP!
CHB is based off the books of Percy Jackson and also the movies here you'll attend camp and learn to be a great demi-god and learn to be a leader
hi! this is my friends Percy Jackson Based server come join if you like pjo or greek mythology!!! For a RolePlay Server, ask Megara or go into the Labyrinth! everyone is very nice and respecting there are lessons on Greek mythology You can just chat if u want to in the mess hall LGBTQ+ safe space You will not be banned due to any race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability!
A small community looking to grow it's camper count greatly, the more people the more RP everyone can do. When YOU join you help MAKE a difference, activity doesn't just happen, we need more RP willing people to join ^-^. This server will never give up, and we hope that you'll join to make our hopes for this place to come true.
Hello and welcome to "Camp Mythos"! We are a growing role-playing server and we hope that you will enjoy your stay with us ^_^ In the server you will find: - Active and understanding staff/members - Intriguing and enjoyable events/games/quests - Fun OOC channels including (Art/Photos, Memes and NSFW) - Dozens of RP channels and we're still adding with each new god-rent! - An altogether wonderful community of flexible roleplayers for either literate roleplaying, amateur/learning roleplaying and anything in between! Below you will find the base lore for the server, enjoy! Founded in the wake of scarcely discussed persecution and discrimination from their very kin, a new home was forged in the Southern California wilderness for a burgeoning group of heroes. This home welcomed, and still welcomes years later, all who claim half their parentage from mythological origins. We recognize the ancient fathers and mothers who shaped reality in their many forms and under various names. Our beliefs are such that those with extraordinary power should not be feared but accepted and provided with responsibility and a sense of community. Everyone has their own incredible tale and this camp is our collective epic. Every trophy is earned at the expense of insurmountable odds, every ecstatic memory coupled with a hidden pain that makes it ever sweeter in recollection. We pursue the ever expanding chaotic beauty that is possibility hidden within the "impossible". We are the legends yet untold. We are Mythos.
After centuries of complicated marriage, Hera and Zeus are finally divorcing. The Gods are split, and so are their children. Tensions are high in Camp Half Blood as their parents duke it out up on Mount Olympus.
We are a little small yes, but we are just starting out! We have experinced Rpers at the ready to help out any newbies as well as owner is a long time demigod rper and is always happy to help with character creation. We have as well as demigods you can create nymphs stayrs and monster campers. We are very good about rules and don’t ask much of you but to be nice and no over powered characters. We have templates set up to help and lots of gods and goddesses to chose from as well as will add more if you find one you want to use that doesn’t yet have a cabin. Please come join us we be happy to have you and help you! Come have fun with us!