Chilling Discord Servers

Hello, and welcome to AZN. This is a new server but I believe it will become much more active in the future 🍦🍦🍦.
A friendly community server still growing but we want you to be a part of it! See you guys in here ♡ Server Created: 23/11/2018 🌟Friendly Staff 🌟Active Voice chat 🌟NSFW Channels 🌟Game bots 🌟Clubs 🌟Self roles 🌟Events Join and chill with us! 😊 Spread craziness 💚
💚Welcome to TheForeverLounge💚 Where you chill out hang out with people, gamers or just play with discord bots on the server. This server is inactive and people join and leave so we recommend you to stay And be active! Everyone is allowed to join the server (just follow the rules and don't try to cause trouble). Bots we have: pokecord, Unbelievaboat, NSFW bots, mee6,< And more. If you play any games like minecraft let me know and we can play together during the day. I'm a friendly owner and I will gladly help you out with anything. If you join and be active I will be happy just saying. Love you guys! :)
Come join and chill with us no bullies here this is a server for like everything (gaming,irl problems etc.) hopefully u will enjoy your time in our server
We're A Server...Yeah That's It What Else Did You Expect...
Meet other people on this server and have fun with them!
Place to chill and talk to fans of Squadgoals and we do have a YouTube channel which is in Squadgoals
It’s pretty dead rn since i’ve only just made it but welcome! We have music bots, self assigned roles and I’m also looking for some admins too :))
We are a small gaming community that thinking about going global to make people have fun with each other. Remember we are a community that made with and for people! So if you are interested with joining our community and supporting our effort on it just join our discord server. But after we sew that our community is growing so fast we decided to put a lot of effort on it to make it the best experience you have ever had.
The server is very new and looking for new members daily, i try to be online and talking to people as much as possible and try to keep the server active. on "LimitedLuck" you can chill, play games, be a part of the community and just talk about your day, we don't judge Owner: ImSynthex#1515
Laidback community with weird culture and plenty of emojis to use. Small hangout place with people that have known each other for years. Would love to add new friends to our community. Almost anything goes in the chat, so you probably shouldn't come if you're easily offended or do come and let us have fun at your expense.
Hi, I'm Poppinq#3963, I own a server called Gaming [Eng], the server is about Gaming, Chilling, Community, FPS Gaming, and Music! There is a channel for ♪ Music ♪ so you can listen to your favorite tunes! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have very basic rules, a great community, a great admin, and bots! Me and the admins of the server are trying too make a discord for all the gamers out there too meet each other, and meet different people from around the world! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We have a text channel for all of you too share your favorite music! A AFK channel so if you have to go get some pizza you can go AFK! And many roles for you guys (and gals) to be apart of! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- We hope you feel free too join the server @ And if you have any questions for me or just want too talk, feel free too message me @ Poppinq#3963 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have a great day! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------