Chillout Discord Servers

Hello! This is a server where you can just chill and have fun! This is a pg13 server though, so there is no nsfw content.
🍆STAFF NEEDED 🍆 Hello! I have just launched a discord server for all minecrafters. A place you can play games, enter giveaways, talk to youtubers and even more! The invite link will be below! We also have "User XP". When you talk, you gain! You can also gain money from chatting and use that to customise your avatar and level up screen! I hope you like this discord server to hang about in so... See you there..... I guess?? Friendly Staff 👍 Growing community😉 Music Nights 🎶 Collect coins from being active 💸 And use coins to change you avatar 💴 Weekly Giveaways 🎉 Clever Bots 👻 Game stats 🎧 Permanent Invite:
Just my own little server, freshly made, looking for new friends. Talk about anything you like (keep it tamed) Anime/Movies/TV Shows/Gaming.