Coding Discord Servers

This server is great for those who are looking for hackers to work with ,beginning and looking for teachers ,and friendship.
Servidor brasileiro sobre para programação, não importa se você já programa há algum tempo ou nunca leu um código na vida. O objetivo do servidor é ser o mais permissivo o possível. Você não precisa de regras para não ser um babaca.
Caffeine && Code is a community-driven Discord server about programming. We support a multitude of different languages including Assembly, C++, Haskell, JavaScript and Swift.
Fun and casual server, mostly used for bot development atm
A fun server where we talk about tech, and lead projects for the public to enjoy! You can lead one too!
this server is for coders or people that need coders ALL for free.
We are a fresh community, we don't have much members as for now. We have positions open in staff, forms will be added soon. We're looking forward to you joining us. Have fun in the community.
Join thousands of developers on the Pramp server to discuss all types of technical interviews including data structures & algorithms, system design, frontend, and more! At Pramp, we help you prepare & land your dream tech job by doing mock technical interviews on our free peer-to-peer platform.
High on caffeine is community discord sever for all to enjoy with a growing community we hope to grow further and have some fun. we have exclusive channels for all topics and for the hype squad houses