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Welcome to Forgotten Worlds! Forgotten Worlds is a Space Combat/Exploration Server where you pick a faction, species, and ship, then travel the galaxy during a dangerous war. With a total of four allied factions and multiple ships, species, locations, territories, and events, something new is bound to come up. As well as role play, we have multiple chatroom's if you just want to hang out. You can see what others do without needing to participate, send links to many different sites thanks to the Links and Communications Category, so you can advertise all you want to get what you've done seen. Enjoy your time here! If you have any questions or comments, please DM me or put it in the #questions-comments section! ~CreationHimself
╔════════๑₪۩۞『SAO Community』۞۩₪๑════════╗ ║ ╠══① Un discord SAO RP avec système de niveau, ╠══② d'équipements à fabriquer, de quêtes, de combats, ╠══③ de guildes et bien d'autres ici : ╠══④ accompagné du site : ╠══⑤ et pas besoin de connaître SAO ! ║ ║ ╠══⑥ Sur le discord, vous trouverez d'autres sous discord, Un ╠══⑦ permettant de faire votre pub, et selon vos invitations et ╠══⑧ votre activité, avoir des grades pour plus de permissions ! ║ ║ ╠══⑨ Un sous-discord multigaming, autant des jeux reposant que ╠══⑩ des jeux de pur tryhard, si vous êtes un pur gamer, bienvenue ! ║ ║ ╠══⑪ Un sous-discord de rencontre permettant de parler et rencontrer ╠══⑫ d'autres personnes, de choisir vos passions, vos points forts, ╠══⑬ vos points faibles, ce qui vous intéresse, votre région où vous ╠══⑭ habitez, ainsi que de futur animations de chanteurs et de beatbox ! ║ ║ ╠══⑮ Un sous-discord qui a pour projet de faire un serveur minecraft ╠══⑯ MMORPG dans l'univers de SAO, avec une histoire, des quêtes etc ! ║ ╚════════════๑₪۩۞『』۞۩₪๑════════════╝
Land of Lust - A heavy roleplay/erp server - Full in-depth combat system - You haven't seen anything like it (probably)
a War Thunder discord server, chat, communicate, roleplay, feel free to join us!
•Synopsis : Selon les Légendes, le monde fut créer par quatre Déesses, mais le monde les appelles Reines. Elles sont représentées par les Quatre Symboles des cartes Les civilisations qui se sont formées autour des quatre reines ont formé quatre religions qui affecte le mode de vie et la psychologie des croyants. Dans l'ère de maintenant le gouvernement a fondé une organisation secrète, “L’Academi”, leur avance scientifiques leur as parmi de trouver comment connecter des Énergies Naturelles avec les humains, en testant sur des volontaires, ou non… plusieurs sacrifices furent commis en conséquent . Mais dans certain cas, les résultèrent en des spécimen surhumains avec des capacités physiques et surnaturelles.
Certaines expérimentation furent satisfait et reconnaissant de leur nouvelles capacités et furent considérés Dociles. Ils furent placé dans un bâtiment différent de celui contenant les Expérimentations plus… hostiles, qui a l’air d’une prison ultra haute sécurité sous-terraine. Jusqu'a un jour quelque chose causa les Hostiles a s'évader. Un seul problème... ce gouvernement est corrompu et divisa deux camps bien distincts et ennemis un envers l’égard de l’autre ; les loyalistes (soutiennent le gouvernement) et les rebelles. Choisissez votre camp...
I know my server may not be great and all, but it has the Pokécord bot and Elite Looter bot in it. More bots may be added later on. I am trying to set up a bracket system to have the gym leaders compete to see who will be the Champion and other ranks. I am still looking for more applicants for becoming Gym Leaders. Once the tournament takes place, people can compete against the current rank holders to fill in the open spaces and then eventually to replace those who are holding the ranks. I myself am on most of the week. If there are any Pokémon that you are looking for, DM for the ones you are looking for and I will say if I have it up for trade/sale.
A powerful wizard with the ability to cross dimensions has brought the strongest warriors in the multiverse to Fate's Arena to determine once and for all who is the most powerful. And YOU are among them! Create a character from any genre. It's the ultimate showdown where anything goes!
WELCOME TO THE ART OF CHI | NEXT GENERATION Enjoy your stay as we offer a wide variety of unique aspects not found in other Roleplays! A fully customizable character sheet! Allocate your stats how YOU want to. Choose YOUR own path! Choose the path you want to take and make your character your own! FULLY CUSTOM CHARACTER ABILITIES! Start at level 1 and grow your arsenal as you engage with and against other students! Enjoy points and prizes! Climb the leaderboard by being active and get more permissions throughout the server! Meet new and amazing people! We hope to grow this server and with the moderation teams hard at work, we will gurantee to facilite a place were meeting new people are common!
This server is medieval based upon a land that has been split in two. Currently a work in progress but still fun! Give it a try!
Play as any character and and leave your mark in the Mortal Kombat universe! The fate of Earthrealm hangs in the balance of the Mortal Kombat tournament...
{{ You have been invited to "Lust Shi City" for the killer's to stay and be trapped in they must all figure out how to escape by Killing one of the Owners or another way, There are 4 Owners the only one known is Cadenza, You will find out the others in the Role-play, This is an Invite to the City of Shi and Lust...... ~From Owner. C~ }}
:・゚✧:・゚✧ Dormant Reality is a universe created by the by product of three fighters fighting to the death! Beings and species of all kinds come to the Dormant Reality as a safe haven from others and a place to hangout and meet other beings. In this universe you can have freedom to create any kind of character you want and indulge yourself in a welcoming community! The main objective in this server? To be the strongest being in the entire universe and attempt to overthrow the current creators, being crowned “God”. We have fair and easy rules to follow! We are active mostly during EST timezone, but will always have people online! Fun bots & events! A new house system in place that we are trying! A Friendly Community full of people who want to relax or brawlers who live to fight!