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So my admin says this should be the descripto. so here it is "We're all about that geek lyfe" Welcome bois. YEH HECKIN' PLEBS. EAT MY TOE NAILS. There IS an NSFW chat btw, it all stays in #NSFW though of course. Swearing can go wherever, idc. Just no like NSFW swearing. Whatever, HAVE FUN MAH DOOOOOOOODS. P.S. This is the crappiest Description ever and I apologize :(
The official fan server for Freshy Greg
Join the Knowing Bros server which is also known locally as Knowing Bros High for a memorable and fun experience!. Stressed, tired and worn out? No Problem, we offer support and have a laugh within our server.
This is a server for everyone we accept all people and are laidback. We hope to be a safe place and welcome all people.
A place where comically minded individuals can discuss their passion, share ideas/insight, network, and even collaborate on projects.
Experience true power as you control an entire server. Take control and liberate yourself from the shackles of mediocrity. The power is in your hands. You are the Admin.
[Raided at 20,000 members] [Selfies] [Variety of Nude Channels - ONLY FOR 18+ (Must be verified with staff)] [This server serves as a dating server as well] [Dedicated channels for gaming and music] [Custom bots only exclusive to this server] [Members Utility - Social media, Smash or Pass etc]
A role-play server based off of the anime: Tokyo Ghoul. We strive for activity and to be the very best we can be. Please consider joining us!
Kool-Aids is a server with only one rule. The server is pretty relaxed and growing every day. If there is a section that you want that's not already in there, we'll add it!