Community Discord Servers

After being banned from pretty much every chat room I have participated in I have been forced to react against PC culture. In this Discord channel offensive combative behaviour will not only be tolerated but rewarded.
Glacier is an nsfw server where you can be yourself and meet content creators (ex. youtubers, streamers, pro and casual gamers, artist, rappers, and more!) or just chillout in our igloo's and meet new people! This server is mainly for socializing more than anything!, we want you to be a part of a big family where you can have fun and kick it back as some of us on discord just wants to relieve stress and socialize.
The Arcanum is a spiritual server where intellectuals can gather to discuss various topics. We are welcoming to all, leave negativity at the door.
Hello, and welcome to AZN. This is a new server but I believe it will become much more active in the future 🍦🍦🍦.
Welcome to Grills Haven! The wholesome discord server dedicated to kawaii grills! Please feel free to join and participate in our grill discussion, whether it is about e-girls or kawaii grills. Features: 🍙 Active Voice Chats 🍙 Events (, Jackbox, Giveaways) 🍙 Memes 🍙 Selfies 🍙 Pokécord 🍙 Verification System 🍙 Leveling System 🍙 NSFW Channels 🍙 Grill of the Month! We are also hosting a giveaway at 100 members!
Dobrze przygotowany serwer umożliwiający i zapewniający wiele atrakcji, takich jak: - community liczące już grubo ponad 50 - kanały przygotowane specjalnie do grania - kanały przystosowane do rozmowy i słuchania muzyki - zaimplementowane boty oraz system levelowania - możliwość uzyskania rang i prywatnych kanałów przez dobry kontakt z aktywnym adminem - dużo memów Serdecznie zapraszam wszystkich, którzy chcą pograć, wspólnie posłuchać muzyki lub po prostu popisać i powysyłać sobie memy.
chill hangout server based on meeting + talking to new people // laidback staff, casino and nsfw channel, 70+ assignable roles, and more — join today!
This server is for people to connect with other Steven Universe fans, send fan art and have fun.
Our server is a small community or friends willing to get some more to talk about random stuff that people talk about on discord and to have some fun with some bots. It is a nice community so far and we wish to keep it that way. Abide to the rules and you will be spick and span.
House of Asians is an all inclusive Asian server. We focus on everything and anything Asian related. We want to a make an environment that is chill, friendly, and safe for everyone. We are a newly growing server so join now and become part of the community.
COME JOIN INVITICUS FOR THE MEMES, GAMING, ARTS, AND MORE! :D Joining will allow you to have your own custom role, and the ability to join clubs to your liking so you can find people that like the same thing as you!
A new server that I wanted to work on, using its own lore. We accept all types of people to come join and rp/erp. Even then, you don't have to rp/erp if you don't want. You can join in just to chit-chat, show off your Fire Emblem knowledge and whatnot, or just chill. This server as of now is a work in progress and will continue to grow on your feedback. So don't be shy to voice your opinions. This server will include however... - Rp/erp (Of course right?) and accepts all types of erp or kinks in this matter. - Fire Emblem based, so if you're a fan of that. This is right up your alley, if not, don't fret. Because there will be an explanation on this to help people new to both rp/erp'ing and Fire Emblem - Events, announcements, and Fire Emblem related news. - A growing community that you can be part of. - And more to be added as this server grows. Hopefully, whoever is reading this looks over this and decides to stay to make this work. It's my first time that I run a server, let alone a rp/erp server and I hope you guys have a blast as well. Thank you and see you there!