Cosplay Discord Servers

Kon’nichiwa, my fellow Otakus! I'd like to invite you to our Discord server. You're free to talk about anything but we, mostly, talk about Animes and Mangas. These are the things we usually talk about with my fellow otaku/s: • Anime • Our main topic is about Anime, to talk about what type of genre do you prefer when watching. • Manga • There a lot of Manga/s to talk about. Some prefer the Manga more than the Anime that is. . .if the Anime is shittake. Tell us what are the ones you've read and liked. • Games • We would like to know the games you love. Any kinds of games. It can be RPG/s, dating simulators or what. • Cosplay • If you have cosplayed before. Feel free to share it with us on the chatroom. We would love to see who you cosplayed. • Roleplay • If you want to roleplay, feel free to do so. There are different types of role players. For example: One line, paragraph, multi-paragraph and novela. • Vocaloid • We love Vocaloid! Tell us who your favorite is and what songs do you like the most. • Otaku - couple • If you're looking for an Otaku couple, you've found the right place. We have a channel just for otaku dating. “We, otakus, need love, too.” • K/J - POP • Feel free to play the songs you like in the music room. • Memes • Share the memes you like with us. May it be anime memes or what. • Musicals • Musicals are the best. Especially, Hamilton The Musical and Heathers The Musical. • Movie Night • We're currently planning on having a movie night, together with our members. It's more fun if you have someone to watch with. • Otaku • This is what we usually call ourselves. Some say that it's an insult in Japan but for us, it has a different meaning. Only true Anime lovers can be called by this nickname. We would be happy to see you there! That's all, thank you for taking the time to read this long message! This is the permanent invite link to enter our server.
This server is really new and contains all types of channels. From movies and games, to television series and books, even roleplay and the best memes, we have it all. New channels are added every day and everyone is super friendly. We welcome everyone to join our small family.
A friendly community for anyone to talk get to know people feel safe for gamers, streamers, anime lovers, artists and cosplayers and all walks of life feel free to come hang out :)
Please only join if u cosplay CREEPYPASTA! Also please be up to do cos-calls.
This is a community dedicated to cosplay, twitch, animes, etc. Let's make a nice group together.
こんにちは ♡ hewwo!~ welcome to cáfe uwu ~ // here’s the menu! // ♡ vócaloid ♡ ańimu ♡ gámes ♡ itá bag lóvers ♡ fáshion ♡ káwaii/hárajuku fashíon ♡ cósplay - - RULESS ! : • pg18 and/or nsfw/bdsm/sexual pictures and/or chats/videos are *STRICTLY PROHIBITED* in this server and all the chat room. • file language is okay but let’s try to make our chat rooms positive/file language free, alright? :) • role playing in chat rooms are prohibited , gomenasai ~ • bullying/cursing at/bringing down any person in the chat rooms are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. let’s all be nice and love each other , alright? just y’know , keep the negative thoughts to yourself :) • promoting your pages , merch sales , videos etc are allowed , however once a person has agreed to your business , please do continue discussing about those in your own private chats , so that the chat rooms aren’t filled with business agreements , etc. - - c’mon , what chu waiting for ? ~
Hello •̀.̫•́✧ Ang server na ito ay para sa cosplayers ng Pinas. Halina't sumali!
A community of fighting & card game players. Warriors from around the globe seek an online game rival. One could be you! Go & check it out. Not sure? So, the server offers a huge variety of anime & cosplay pictures. Also, it is a fertile breeding ground for playful bots. You might have an interest to see those features with your own eyes!
Welcome to the Fallen Kingdom! Join us in our quest to create a fun, welcoming and safe community for everyone! No matter what interests or hobbies you have, you can join our guild and make some friends along the way. The kingdom awaits you, cross the drawbridge and enter now
Hi there! My name is Sarah and I would like to welcome you to Weeb Land, where all of your otaku fantasies come to life! We have many interesting channels such as fanfiction, cosplay, anime suggestions, art, anime music, otaku news, and even an nsfw hentai section. Join today for one of the best anime communities! We are also looking for some reliable staff.
We're a group of Tumblr blogs that features hot chicks, funny memes and geeky stuff. Come hang out and enjoy