Crossover Discord Servers

Its The end For everyone D.C. And Marvel Worlds have Combined Its up Too The Super heroes Too Stop the Super Villains Lurking Eaitger Become a Justice league Member or an Avenger or an X-Men The voice is yours You can create or Choose a Character From The comics or Movies
Requies is a Superhero RP server (with some Sci-Fi elements), primarily focused on Marvel and DC, however, numerous other universes and canons are permitted to be utilized within the server, and we even allow OCs. What we offer: Different acts to progress the storyline. Darker storyline. A more sci-fi focused plot. Must be 13+ to join. Experienced roleplayers wanted.
Journey to a world where universes collide! Characters from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Overwatch, and more all co-exist alongside one another. Epic stories will unfold! Anything is possible - Deathstroke could duke it out with Iron Man, Superman could go fisticuffs with Thor - You name it, it could happen. We're also taking suggestions for additional universes to include! Another amazing part of this server is the fact that it's all one single roleplay universe. There's multiple roleplaying channels for organization, but it all takes place in the same plot. What do you say? Will you venture into Godfall? *Disclaimer:* Original characters are permitted, but must be approved by the server's staff.
Currently, we have just started, and there are many spots open hero wise, so come take your pick out of both amazing universes. As you looks around, you will see how we run, and what you should do after joining. We plan on growing larger with the way we run, and we hoep you'll excuse if we ever have a character reset, to clear out any happenings story wise that are- less then what is liked or wanted. We do hope you like your time here, and definitely do not be scared of asking us for help!
There's many different worlds to explore in the Multiverse. Stories to tell. Adventures to be had. Where will you start?
we try to grow a nice RP comunity! were looking for active players! we will take feedback to our heart as we only wish to have a good rp place for everyone
Welcome to Carnage Entertainment! We're set outside of reality with a few uninhabited universes on standby made for our little games! Come and watch your favorites beat each other up under striction conditions in a controlled environment or take part in them! Pick your choosing, either a battle royale like in those Hunger Games movies or the classic tournaments like in that Dragon Ball show! Each round is regulated and no audience will be harmed. We, however, have rights to kidnap and force fighters from alien worlds to battle to the death. We enforce our rules more than those lax servers to optimize a more fun experience for RPers and to keep others comfortable in the server! So, no dirty RPs! Our members are to be respected and treated like how they should! Also raiding will lead you into being banned! We have Dyno, ErisBot, MEE6, and Tatsuamki! It's still a growing server so any support would greatly be appreciated, we have most of the channels finished, but we need more help from others who are interested! Thanks and have a great time!
The Roleplay Squad is a place for you to kick your feet up and let loose with non-serious roleplays and general wacky hijinks involving any characters you wish to choose! Any fandom, any character, any oc. Whether you are big, small, wide or thin; The Roleplay Squad will be a place to chill and make friends! Come check us out and give us a chance. We, however, do not tolerate NSFW under any circumstances.
Ah, the Commonwealth Towers, what a great hotel. This hotel almost dates back to the start of time, it’s amazing how this hotel landed on Earth and is supernatural, having entrances and exits to other universes, no wonder hundreds of guests go here every month. Inside this hotel lies great staff and service. Each room has a theme from each of each of the commonwealth countries but don’t worry, you can have your own theme if you want. Now, enjoy your stay in the Commonwealth Towers and remember, don’t accidentally jump off the building…~ The security of this place is one of the most strongest, being armed and trained to deal with the most powerful interdimensional beings (even Eldritch horrors).
Crossover and OC friendly roleplay server where you can be an hero and fight crime, or become a villain and cause chaos! Get adventured into this new world!
BattleMania is a world where your only purpose is to fight. You can make friends, make Enemies and make blood be spilt. OCs are welcome.
It's an anime crossover RP server including Naruto, One piece, The seven deadly sins ecc