Custom Lore Discord Servers

This is unlike the common DC roleplay chats, as DC:NF provides a VERY different lore & background. Having bridged off of a former chat, we are now reviving the story with this new one. We simply ask to give it a try, don't expect to play Canon-Characters, rather... Join in and create your own custom. We are very open and willing to help balance out any/all characters. Only, please do try to cooperate with us. We prefer to have Advanced and Literate Roleplayers, or those with background. But we are willing to help others learn! Despite any troll reviews, I do ask you to give it a quick try and not turn the other cheek, so quickly. Thank you for your time.
Welcome to a wall RP created by Joe the Eagle! I welcome one and all to whoever may join
It’s back and better than ever! Come on down and decide between factions to make history! In this alt. History from both IRL and the old version it is mainly story based, you can decide how the lore progresses and unfolds!
An RP made by Joe the Eagle! In this wall role play created by yours truly, I give you the choice to own a faction, be part of it’s army, or be a captain of a ship. Every faction is player created (except for the UPS) all you have to do is join and experience the freedom you have!