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A server for hardcore D.va Fans. Come have fun at our salad bar.
We are a DnD server dedicated to having fun with all things Dungeons and Dragons related. Here you can make friends, meet and recruit players, and look for DMs that can fit your play style. This is a party made for making parties(and friends) +_+.
Magnanimous, a uniquely new world completed with homebrew maps and lore as well as homebrew races and classes that has been extensionally inspected to follow and coexist with 5e DnD. It is predominantly role-played and on the eyes of your playable character. The server has NSFW content; therefore, an age of 18+ is heavily advised but do not be mistaken for this is not what the server is about, for it is about dnd... a place of fantasy adventure and glory! Not sex but let’s be honest, what’s a good fantasy without it?
Oh you're reading this? Does that mean you actually want to join... or something? Gosh.. that's sure something interesting. Um.. I'll stop being silly and actually say what's in the server. -- The server is dungeons and dragons based (obvi), and I'd like to keep things on the more exotic side of the spectrum. Eg: Homebrew races, and overall more exotic races. The occasional human is fine though, but not something that I'm joyful to see. -- I plan to have some naughtier roleplaying in the server, still dungeons and dragons wise. Your won't have to be subject to it if you don't want to, everyone has their specific tastes. -- "level up" roles, because I had a little idea for later things. But it's still barebones as of now. -- I'm hoping for a friendly community, as toxic ones suck to be a part of and have. -- I can't think of anything else... 😅 have fun if you do join though, I'll give you Internet kisses >:3 ((((do not expect Internet kisses, though they may be administered, they are not a guaranteed thing you will earn from me))))
___Sheol___ is a unique place that I have made that follows the story of what life is like after death and how new beginnings come from the previous endings of life. It is an RPG that has dice rolling embedded in its system. I'm currently looking for people to join and read what is provide to give feedback.
We are a new server and want to expand, everyone is allowed to join, we're open to any suggestions if we don't have what you want just please be reasonable. I'm going to try and be fair to all that join, but we do have rules that need to be followed, this way we aren't demonetized, or in chaos. If you are under aged for the NSFW channels then that is fine we have things for everyone to do.
Just a shitty meme server We play games too I guess Kosovo is Serbia
Anderswo is a casual Gaming,Tabletop RPG server, ranging from normal tabletop D&D, Vampire: The Masquerade, one-off classless and statless adventures, to just messing around, memeing and shitposting.
this server is for anyone that loves dva or not. this is just a fun place for people to gather.
The Hatts Of The Topping Is A Calm Server, If You Want To Meet Some New People Then Were All About It.
TheBlueCrest - Legendary Questing Hello there everyone! I am here now to inform you about our legendary discord server, TheBlueCrest, now with a member count just reaching 450 members strong, built around roleplaying/tabletop games. We have sessions weekly, some that only use it for the voice channel and use other sources for display (Roll20), and some groups that have text-only campaigns. We run full campaigns, series oneshots, and random oneshots every now and then. The only thing we need now, is more people! We’re currently looking for more promising potential staff members, and are accepting applications. I would love to see many more DM's, and more players populate our server. Getting into a campaign, or wanting to get people into one of yours, is very easy. Along with our amazing roleplaying aspect, all the members bond as friends and we have a whole bunch of fun doing it. Come join us! See you there! Adrrian-DM#0840 https://discord.gg/C9H3xb8
Megadungeon is an open play space. You can host play-by-post sessions here.