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This is a chill server (maybe some toxic peeps) where you can talk about My Hero Academia or any other anime of your liking, I would really appreciate you joining and getting to know people. 馃榿 (NOT AN RP SERVER!!)
Age 1480 - 700 years after the Tournament of Power Goku, Vegeta and many of his friends are long since deceased. Since then, an unknown warrior has used the Super Dragon Balls to resurrect the Saiyan race in Universe 7 - they've taken over a number of planets, including ones such as Yardrat, the race as a whole has grown a lot stronger since the rule of King Vegeta many years ago. The Saiyans operate the same way, they send scouts out to other planets to prepare for conquering - in which they either enslave or slaughter the race inhabiting the planet at the time, all for the thrill of combat. Planet Namek is peaceful, as it always should have been - the Namekian Dragon Balls practically never used, the Namekian population is at an all-time high. For the most part, this race hasn't changed in the slightest. Though less and less of the Dragon Clan are being born, the Warrior Clan thrives amongst the Namekian people. Not long after the inevitable death of Mr Satan, due to his old age, Majin Buu took off pieces of himself and gave them life - starting with making a wife, and even inventing the Love Love Beam technique, which Majin's use to reproduce with either others of their kind or other races should they know the technique themselves. Majin are still hard to find in Universe 7, but they exist, many of them travelling among the stars. Naturally, the tyrant Frieza is still alive and ruling as per normal - though his focus left Universe 7 quite some time ago. Frieza's race, still without a proper name, roam the stars for their own purposes. Though the Frieza force itself still has quite a major influence in Universe 7's affairs. The seal to the Demon Realm was released long ago.
Welcome to God Realm: Reborn! Here we have active RP Channels, lots of friendly people, and a great friendly community!
Ultra Fandom is an accepting and fun community meant for anyone that watches dragonball and anime! - We host tons of giveaways and events! - We have over 15 color roles that you can get! - We have over 30 roleplay channels! - We debate about dragon ball and more! - there are tons of NSFW channels here! Join UF and be part of the community, rise through the ranks and become #1!
This is a Dragon Ball RP that takes place many years after the end of DBGT. The Saiyans have lost their homeworld and are spread throughout the universe as a diaspora, the Arcosian Empire looks set to take over the universe as their ancestors did many years before, the Tuffles are thriving, Namek is going through a golden age... while Earth remains a backwater. Forge your legacy! Join DBRP- Legends and Heroes today!
The ultimate dragon ball roleplay server, you can make custom transformations.
This is a discord server for anime fans.But the main theme is dragon ball.There is a rp.There are awesome bots.Everyone is welcome and everything is allowed.There are dragon ball related roles and custom commands to fight too.
A Roleplaying Dragon Ball Server. If you want, join.
A brand new server looking to give Dragon Ball fans a roleplay server they want while also having discussion channels if roleplay isn't your thing. Make a mark on the story, become the strongest of all, and join the next generation Dragon Ball roleplay!
Hello, and Welcome to the Universal Stage! Dragon Ball - Universal Stage is a newly created, freeform roleplay, set in the Dragon Ball universes, making use of the wealth of interesting lore and races to create original new stories and characters. The room intends to take a more story-based, writing focused approach to roleplaying in the Dragon-Verse than other rooms I've found before that are more akin to RPGs than stories. The setting of the room is the newly created and enigmatic Universe 13, an experimental universe created by the Omni-Kings following the Tournament of power, pooling their favourite pieces of the other 12 universes to create a universe full of amusement for the Kings of Everything! With the colliding of races and beings alike those from other universes, all the eyes of the gods are focused on the wild new 13th Universe - an all new adventure awaits, with all eyes on the Universal Stage! Thank you for taking the time to read! I hope this all sounds like something new and fun for all my fellow Dragon Ball roleplayers out there! I look forward to seeing any and all new members! - Oz
A fun Dragon Ball z Dokkan battle trading server